Meet My Keto Warriors

While you are making up your mind, have a look at some of the transformations that have already happened. People like you and me, who reached out for help and are now precious friends.

Manvinder Keto Diet


My star performer for the year 2023. Manvinder went from 113kgs to a 79.4kgs! She is an extremely disciplined student and was determined to get fit and healthy. My personalised Keto diet plans were easy to follow and gave her enough choice and flexibility.
Keto transformation story of Jasvinder Kaur

Jasvinder Kaur

Jasvinder came for a third session with me, after going through a turbulent year when everything seems to have gone out of her control. And like every other time, Keto gave her the results she had in mind and more. From 107 kg she went down to 99 kg and inches too. This was achieved in a 3-month program, where every weekend was eating out, and we also dealt with two bouts of sickness too.

Keto transformation story of a guy who followed Priya Dogra's diet plan

My Keto Client

Keto is not magic, it is a way of eating… And if you follow it precisely and with discipline, it will give you astounding results. The success story today was achieved despite the gentleman having:

  • Allergy to MILK
  • Allergy to EGGS
  • Allergy to GLUTEN
  • Allergy to NUTS

The right kind of Keto diet and an active lifestyle made this possible.

A client of Priya Dogra who followed her diet plan

My Keto Client

From 139.5 kg to 119.4 kg in 3 months only.  I can go and on… It brings me immense pleasure to share with you this transformation. It’s a testimony to the fact that hard work and discipline never fails.

Before and after keto diet transformation of Deepa Sarojam

Deepa Sarojam

I did the Keto coaching with Priya for 3 months and I could see changes in my body, especially tummy and face! The recipes were easy to follow/ well documented and yummy 🙂 I always had a sweet tooth and the dessert / snacks were just too good.

Loved your coaching. I would love to continue the Keto Lifestyle after motivation from you. Thank you for all the help.

Before and after keto diet transformation of Rajji


Rajji is not just a client, she is a dear friend and an amazing single mom. This is her second session with me and this time she has learnt the basics and is ready to implement all the good things I taught her in her daily life.


Vidya lives in UK and is a very successful professional and a hands-on-mom. She successfully lost weight and inches on my personalised Low Carb Plans, and did not have to cut corners on her social life, since on a diet.

I was on low-carb diet under guidance of Priya and lost nearly 10 kilos in 3 months. The meal preps were simple and big thanks to Priya for continuously motivating and guiding me throughout, without which I don’t think I could have achieved my target weight. Highly recommend Priya if u the want to see the magic in such short period of time — Vidya.

Review by Vidya

Before and after keto diet transformation of Sudheer


Sudheer wanted to do Keto along with his wife, Saritha, whom we had featured recently, to lose body fat and get toned. He was leading a very active life and the plans were designed to make him stronger, fitter and leaner. So from 28.6% Body fat he went to 16.6% Body fat in three months of Keto.

Before and after keto diet transformation of a client of Priya Dogra

My Keto Client

It brings me immense pleasure in sharing these pics with all of you. This progress was achieved in 3 months on my personalised Keto mixed plans. She followed my plans precisely and listened to all the tips and tricks. Keto is a scientific diet, and when followed with discipline and commitment, will always work for you.

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