Meet My Keto Warriors

While you are making up your mind have a look at some of the transformations that have already happened. People like you and me, who reached out for help and are now precious friends.

Gorija - Keto for India body transformation


Gorija lives and works in a small town in my state of Himachal. And when she found me on my page on Facebook this is what she said to me-

“ Hi… !!! I am Gorija … I am a banker and I have put on a lot of weight… I just need to reduce it drastically.”

She followed my Vegetarian Keto Coaching for 3 months and lost weight and inches, and shocked herself!

Swati - Keto for India Transformation


Once you witness how Keto works, you get hooked on to it. That’s exactly what happened with Swati. She had earlier done a successful Keto Coaching program with me in 2017. And after she became the mommy of a baby boy, she decided to come back for the ride to look and feel amazing on his 1st Birthday.

Swati started the program during the lockdown and we managed just fine, by tweaking the plans whenever needed. The objective was to not give up.

Gaurav - Keto Transformation by Priya Dogra


Gaurav completes a full year on Keto this month. And his image is evidence of how following my vegetarian Keto coaching has given him this fantastic makeover. Gaurav lives and works in Florida, US and is now the most eligible bachelor in his workplace.

keto for india


Madhukar Sharma, at 50, successfully lost more than 15kgs by following 6 months of my Keto Coaching For somebody who had tried every fad diet, the KetogenicLifestyle gave him the results he wanted and the fitness level he had always desired.

keto for india


Rajalakshmi completely deserves your encouragement and love. As she lost 11kgs in 3 months, despite being all alone in the lockdown. She did not make loneliness a reason to cheat, she did not make lack of supplies a reason to stop the diet. She has completed three months of my Keto coaching and is now carrying on with the Ketogenic lifestyle on her own.


I am ecstatic to declare that I have moved from a BMI that put me in Borderline Obese to that of Athelete level fitness – way beyond any goal I had set for myself at the onset! I love the version of me that you have helped me discover, and hope to maintain it with an ongoing low-carb diet.

Keto for India


Rajbinder and I connected on many levels, and hence her Keto coaching with me was more of a beginning of a lifelong friendship. She followed my guidance strictly and gave herself the makeover she had dreamed of for years.

Keto for India


Kavitha lives in Virginia, USA and followed my #Vegetarian #Keto #Coaching for 3 months. In this period she lost weight and loads of inches. She was absolutely disciplined and totally committed to losing weight.

Keto for India


Abha lost her post pregnancy weight with the help of my #Vegetarian #Keto #Coaching program. She now has the energy to be a hands-on mommy and is loving every moment of it.