Meet My Keto Warriors

While you are making up your mind have a look at some of the transformations that have already happened. People like you and me, who reached out for help and are now precious friends.


Pranay lost 9.5 kgs and loads of inches, as evident from the images. He enrolled for my Vegetarian Keto Coaching Plan, for 3 months, and his wife was most supportive, in ensuring that the diet went on smoothly.


Mr.Kulkarni lives in Sydney, he had initially signed up for only three months of my Keto Coaching, but before the three months ended he was so hooked to the Ketogenic way of eating that he extended it by another three.


Kohsheen lost 10kgs and inches, as visible. She understood the principle of “ Intermittent Fasting “ and also how important it is to just go for just a walk, every single day..


Jaideep lives in Singapore and had enrolled for my 3 months Keto Coaching at the peak of the COVID Lockdown. in just 2 months he lost almost 8kgs and inches and was super delighted with himself. While he’s visiting his family after the long wait, I thought of sharing his success story with all of you.


I’m happy to report that she passed my 3 month Keto Coaching Course with flying colours. she lost 10 kgs and more and inches too. She also changed her lifestyle.


successfully completing my 3-month Keto Coaching she lost 10kgs and inches. Her confidence is reaching new levels and she is determined to eat healthy now and also maintain an active lifestyle.


The young lady in the picture today followed my personally designed Keto Diet for three months, and her success is pretty obvious.


The lady in my success story today went off her diabetes medication after just a month of my Vegetarian Keto Coaching. She followed my instructions, and by the end of the program was clocking 10000 steps in a day, working out, and eating my given plan precisely.


This amazing young lady lives in the US and signed up for my Vegetarian Keto Coaching in March. Consistently and with utmost discipline she has successfully given herself a makeover by September. Why am I truly impressed with her? Unlike many others, she did not fixate on the weighing scale, she did not fret and fume if she did not lose weight one week. She kept her eyes on the long term target, on the greater gains of following a Ketogenic diet and made it her lifestyle.