Meet My Keto Warriors

While you are making up your mind have a look at some of the transformations that have already happened. People like you and me, who reached out for help and are now precious friends.

Keto diet Results


Ponnanna followed my personalised Keto Coaching program diligently for three months, and by the end of it even surprised himself.



She went from 91.8kgs to 77kgs in 5 months. She did 3 months of my Keto Coaching and extended my program by 2 months and did the last month Low Carb in which she lost tremendous weight too. So while handling two kids, she followed my plans precisely and achieved the target she wanted and much more.



She is a software developer from Canada. After following my Ovo Vegetarian Keto Diet for three months, she lost about ten kgs and inches too. By the time we parted ways she was consciously tracking her steps and keeping herself hydrated.

Keto In Us


This amazing transformation is from the UK, and the gentleman in the pictures is a full-time working professional. At age 51 he got in touch with me and clearly told me that I’m presently 92kgs and I need to reach 74kgs. He enrolled for my Keto Coaching Program and after 7 months, together we reached the target. His doctor also took him off his BP medicines, last we spoke. And the last 2 months of the program were Low Carb in which he understood how to introduce carbs and maintain weight.

Keto clients


Anudeep, from Singapore, parts ways with me today. He enrolled for my pure Vegetarian  Keto  Coaching program, and in 9 months lost 21kgs. He learned how much his body can be pushed, how much he actually needs to eat and, he also learned how not to let the weighing machine rattle you.


Pranay lost 9.5 kgs and loads of inches, as evident from the images. He enrolled for my Vegetarian Keto Coaching Plan, for 3 months, and his wife was most supportive, in ensuring that the diet went on smoothly.


Mr.Kulkarni lives in Sydney, he had initially signed up for only three months of my Keto Coaching, but before the three months ended he was so hooked to the Ketogenic way of eating that he extended it by another three.


Kohsheen lost 10kgs and inches, as visible. She understood the principle of “ Intermittent Fasting “ and also how important it is to just go for just a walk, every single day..


Jaideep lives in Singapore and had enrolled for my 3 months Keto Coaching at the peak of the COVID Lockdown. in just 2 months he lost almost 8kgs and inches and was super delighted with himself. While he’s visiting his family after the long wait, I thought of sharing his success story with all of you.

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