Not many people know that food isn’t just about the calories that you consume, but also about the macro and micronutrients you get from it, from the hormonal impact that nutrition has on you. A large majority of Indians are facing chronic issues like weight gain, PCOS, diabetes, thyroid. And, the irony is that these ailments are purely due to lifestyle and nutrition. But you needn’t worry, at KetoforIndia, I am determined to solve these issues for you. I have been in the business of giving makeovers and making you fit since 2015. Now, I have designed Custom Keto Diet Plans to help people who are trying to lose weight and stay fit naturally and effectively.

Since then, I have been able to help hundreds of clients from 16 states in India and about half a dozen countries across the globe to not just lose weight, but also help reverse their PCOS (in women), diabetes and thyroid, keeping in mind their busy lifestyle, travel schedules and work timings.

I can’t wait to get you started! Give yourself a makeover as I gave myself. Challenge yourself, I’m here for you!


Custom Keto Diet Plans

Designed by ISSA-Certified Nutritionist & Keto Coach Priya Dogra, here are custom Keto diet plans to help you get fit and healthy. These diet plans can be broadly divided into six categories in which you get personalized tutoring, recipes and a detailed nutritional strategy. Let’s get in touch now.

3 Month Keto Diet Plan

4 Month Keto Diet Plan

6 Month Keto Diet Plan

More Weight Loss Plans

Are you willing to follow a low-carb diet plan? I have low-carb diet plans prepared for you which aim to help you lose weight effectively and stay healthy. I have diet plans for perimenopause women and obese teens as well. These diet plans are proven for weight loss. Let’s get started today.

Low Carb Diet Plans

Diet Plans for Perimenopause Women

Diet Plans for Obese Teens


Keto Guide Everybody Should Read

Get my 7-days Indian Keto diet plans for free with a complete beginner’s guide. The diet plan goes into full detailed about what to eat and what to avoid while in Keto. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you will find all types of food recipes that are Keto-friendly.














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FAQs about Keto Diet Plans

You can have loads of green vegetables, all meats, egg, yogurt, paneer, etc., in Keto diet. I can provide veg and non-veg Keto recipes (along with Keto diet plans) to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Yes. Keto diet is a great option for both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. I have so many clients who are pure vegetarians and have achieved great results on Keto diet.

Most clients can aim to lose 8 kgs-10 kgs in the first 3 months, provided they have no medical conditions.

I make sure that you leave the Keto diet the right way, so that your weight loss is a scalable one and doesn’t come back.

Yes, I am an ISSA-certified Nutritionist and well known Keto coach.

The Keto diet is safe. However, you may need to take extra precautions if:

  • • You are on medication for diabetes
  • • Have been breastfeeding
  • • Have hypertension - high blood pressure

The major difference is in carb intake and fat intake. In Keto, the carbs are restricted to below 30 gms a day, which is increased to about 50 gms in a low-carb diet.

Yes, the Keto diet and Indian food go hand in hand. You just need to be mindful of what to eat and avoid.

If you follow the Keto diet correctly, there are so many advantages of following it.

  • • Keto diet leads to effective weight loss
  • • Boosts metabolism
  • • Helps reduce appetite
  • • May reduce the risk of certain cancer
  • • Effective in controlling diabetes (Type 1 & 2)
  • • Increases the level of good cholesterol
  • • Cures acne
  • • Relaxes the brain
  • • Removes brain fog

No, it is not necessary that you always stay on the Keto diet. Once you achieve your weight loss goals, you can switch to Keto maintenance mode, and plan your meals accordingly. You can also switch between low-carb and Keto.

Diet plans are personalized according to your weight loss goals and various other individual factors. Please fill up the form above to know more.


Bhagyashri Aiyer

“Priya is one the most dedicated and amazing coaches I have met so far for my weight loss journey.She used to clear every little apprehension I had regarding the diet. She advised some really ways to help with issues like constipation and bloating too.

Anuj Pachauri

Priya was a great coach helping with detailed and easy meal plans every week, and providing daily and weekly motivation and check-in. Keto is a great way to lose weight and build energy, but it can be confusing. She made it all easy!

Deepa Sarojam

I did the Keto coaching with Priya for 3 months and I could see changes in my body, especially tummy and face! The recipes were easy to follow/ well documented and yummy 🙂 I always had a sweet tooth and the dessert / snacks were just too good. Loved your coaching. I would love to continue the Keto Lifestyle after motivation from you. Thank you for all the help.

Ready To Take A Call On Your Health And Get Fit Again

Meet My #KetoWarriors

While you are making up your mind have a look at some of the transformations that have already happened. People like you and me, who reached out for help and are now precious friends.

Dhiraj - Priya Aurora's Keto Warrior


Living in Sweden since last three years, the Indian boy Dhiraj signed up for primarily a Keto Eggatarian plan and lost oodles of weight, inches and now looks at least ten years younger. With the help of my Keto Coaching and Indianized Ketogenic plans Dhiraj met his target and now leads a happy and healthy life in Sweden


She went from 91.8kgs to 77kgs in 5 months. She did 3 months of my Keto Coaching and extended my program by 2 months and did the last month Low Carb in which she lost tremendous weight too. So while handling two kids, she followed my plans precisely and achieved the target she wanted and much more.


She is single successful entrepreneur in India, and  is ready to take on the world with Keto to support her to lead a healthy and fit life. Namrata is a vegetarian and her results speak for her.