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My Keto journey started on 1st January, 2015 and I have adopted this lifestyle for life. Initially, the focus was on losing weight, as when I started out I was 100kgs. I am happy to report that I am successfully maintaining my weight at a healthy 62 kgs. The Ketogenic Lifestyle is keeping me healthy, upbeat and energised.

When I had started out, very few people were aware of this diet. After the first year, I started getting requests from other men and women like me, to help them get fit and lose weight. Hence, I realised that my journey could become an example or inspiration for many others, who have given up hope about getting fit and healthy again. Mind you I learnt all the tricks and tips, by trial and error. And that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The real life experiences are any day more valuable than notes from a textbook.

But at the end of the day I admit that Keto is a scientific diet, which should not be undertaken without supervision. Hence, I decided to take it to the next level and educate myself about the diet, by getting a proper certification from a reputed institution. Studying at the age of 40, with two growing up kids and a full-time job is not easy.

I am happy to report that I am now a Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified Fitness Trainer, from ISSA, California. And this has only given a boost to my confidence and made me even more passionate about helping others.


Sports nutrition certificate - Priya Aurora - KetoforIndia

Certified Fitness Trainer - Priya Aurora for KetoforIndia


A Ketogenic Approach For a Healthy Life

If you are ready to take a call on your health and get fit again

Meal plans, based on your lifestyle, age, weight! Challenge yourself!

My Success Story

Let’s give you a Makeover, together, as a TEAM

I was 100kgs when I started this journey and today I am a healthy 62kgs. I used to love
sweets, and everything unhealthy. I had given up hope of ever getting fit again.
  • If I can get fit, anybody can
  • I understand your fears and I know how you feel every single day, when you look at yourself in the mirror.
  • Do this for yourself and yourself only
  • Feel a surge in your energy levels
  • Witness your skin glow like a youngster.
  • Have the stamina to do anything and everything.
  • In 90 days you will see the difference
  • No exercise needed, but it never hurts to move a limb
Ready To Take A Call On Your Health And Get Fit Again

Meet My #KetoWarriors

While you are making up your mind have a look at some of the transformations that have already happened. People like you and me, who reached out for help and are now precious friends.


I will make sweat my best accessory.She totally nailed her fitness goals and is on the path to a better fitter version of herself.

Aarushi Keto Transformation Story Keto For India


Another mother-daughter Keto success story from Uganda, which will motivate you to get fit, healthy and beautiful. And this makeover is from inside out! Aarushi got inspired by her mother’s new look and followed my Keto Coaching with complete discipline and is now glowing with the results.

Jayeetri #keto #healthy

If you want something you haven’t had before, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done before.

136 thoughts on “Priya Dogra – Keto Coach India for Ketogenic Diet, Recipes & Lifestyle

  • Priya

    September 12, 2020 at 6:15 pm

    I am glad to have completed the 12 week keto diet plan. It helped me lose weight and also lower my blood sugar levels to the point I did not need to take as much medication for my diabetes, and at times did not need to take any medications for diabetes. It improved my energy levels. I have learned how to eat a low carb diet and not be hungry.
    Drinking 4 litres of water was helpful for me to stay hydrated and helped my digestion
    Overall I think doing this diet was a good experience for me and helped me feel energetic and healthy.

  • Aisha Khan

    July 13, 2020 at 9:53 am

    I want to ask about the consultation support during the time period, i’ve been consulting with another coach but the only problem is that their availability, not available on a Sunday and not after 6pm India time. which was a bit odd for me. There were times that i needed help but couldn’t get any. So before committing to your program id like to clarify this point in partocular.

  • Abarna Muthiah

    May 11, 2020 at 5:51 pm

    Hi Priya,
    When I started this three month journey with you in Jan 2020, I was filled with apprehension as my work requires me to live out of three homes in constant rotation, am habitually not the most organised with my food, had planned domestic and international travel coming up and worse still, did not know then that we were heading for a global pandemic with an unprecedented lock-down and consequent unavailability of certain items. I had also already sported a very physically active lifestyle yet had not been able to lose weight despite doing killer routines on the gym floor. Seemed like the odds were truly stacked against us as a team. Three months later, I am beyond thrilled to recommend you to just about anybody for the results that you have helped me achieve despite all odds. Your efficiency and timeliness with instructions to be followed, helping me become organised with my groceries, the variety that you offered in the diet chart, the yum recipes that I got to try from your website were massive contributors. Having a busy job, I found your follow up to be just right as I never found you breathing down my neck yet you made me feel very accountable to help me achieve results. Your chiding when I slipped and your encouragement when I achieved each mini milestone were invaluable. I am ecstatic to declare that I have moved from a BMI that put me in Borderline Obese to that of Athelete level fitness – way beyond any goal I had set for myself at the onset! I love the version of me that you have helped me discover, and hope to maintain it with an ongoing low-carb diet. To anybody who is reading this..KETO WITH PRIYA WORKS….AGAINST ALL ODDS!


    April 11, 2020 at 6:37 pm

    Hey Priya,

    Thanks for your hand holding and keeping me on track for the last three months, it was amazing working with you. I am truly impressed by how prompt and organized you are, this in fact helped my weekly shopping a great deal and ensured I never swayed from my diet for lack of grocery. I have tried quite a few diets on my own in the past but I always faltered and gave up after a week or so. More power to you for helping people like me lead a healthy and balanced life. I have still not met my weight loss goal but will have to put my plan on hold due to the current COVID situation. I will follow the new low-carb life style you have chalked out for me. I will miss your weekly diet charts and daily messages. Take care and stay safe.

    • Madhukar Sharma

      June 7, 2020 at 9:31 am

      Priya ,
      Firstly my apologies for being late in writing back. I must say that the six months of keto nutrition and guidance from you have been truly transformational and exhilarating journey for me . It’s not the first time for me , as in the past I have been on plans administered by some of the so top nutritionists of our country. Honestly, most of them helped reducing my weight and inches. But where you differentiate and score over rest of them is : Firstly – apart from weight management your plan worked amazingly on feeling good rising up from bed every day , drive and energy levels. The energy levels through out the day were truly a blissful experience .
      Secondly , your rigorous followups everyday morning afternoon and evening seeking the score card 😁 kept the pressure ON . So critical for beginning weeks . Though you were relentless throughout . I was reminded of my strict classteacher during my school days 😄😄, Very professional indeed !!
      Lastly , I would say the most important for me – No weight regain even after 5 months of completing the plan in Jan 2020. Of course, I have been on low carb plan which you advised during last couple of weeks and a moderate walk and work out routine.
      The WINNER – I got the best compliment from the chairman cum managing director of GAIL when he said ” Tu to ladka lag rha hai ” . 😃😃 imagine !! I just turned 51yrs that day.

      Thanks for all you’ve done to me

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