Meet My Keto Warriors

While you are making up your mind have a look at some of the transformations that have already happened. People like you and me, who reached out for help and are now precious friends.

Manjula Keto For India Transformation


Manjula’s morning sugar reading used to be 369 when she first spoke to me from UAE. And when we signed off after three months it was between 132-147 😊 That’s not all, she has also lost ten kgs of stubborn weight, inches, and can now run behind her young son with pleasure.

Chandrika Keto For India Transformation


Chandrika had given up all hope of ever getting thin, when she first got in touch with me about 4 months ago.
She lost almost 13kgs in 3 months under my #Keto #Vegetarian #Coaching From somebody who used to be sedentary, she is now clocking 10000 steps a day.

Meghna Keto For India Transformation


Meghna’s smile might be coy, but she’s a lioness when it comes to following a diet precisely. She promised me at the onset of my Keto Coaching that she will keep me updated at all times and that’s what she did. Together we worked as a team and gave her a dream makeover in 3 months.

Keto For India Body Transformation - Rahul


Rahul’s pictures are sure to inspire you to take a call on your health today. While we stay indoors to beat the scare of Covid-19 the circumstances are apt to eat healthily and sensibly. Since eating out is not an option for some time, why not eat right and come out stronger and fitter at the end of this manmade apocalypse.

Tushar - Keto For India Body Transformation


Tushar lives in the US and lost a mammoth 21kgs in just 3 months. He is still continuing with my Keto Coaching and be sure to check out his pictures at the end of the next 3 months.

Gaurav Gupta Keto For India Body Transformation

Gaurav Gupta

I will miss Gaurav Gupta, as he is now ready to carry forward my baton of eating healthy and being fit, on his own. Gaurav found me through my Facebook page and undertook Vegetarian Keto Coaching from me. He is now the most eligible bachelor in his office, in his hometown and at his workplace in the US.

Siddhi Keto For India Transformation


From 94 kgs to 79 kgs Siddhi followed my Jain Vegetarian Keto Diet and achieved what she had wanted to. In the program duration she took a holiday, she travelled abroad for work and she also kept up with various festivals and happy occasions at home.

Seema Keto For India Transformation


Seema was a delight to work with, as during my 3 months of strict Vegetarian Keto Coaching there was never a day when she asked me to make replacements or told me that she was “ bored of paneer. “ She had her eyes on the target at all times and her results have been exceptional.

Sid - Keto For India Body Transformation


Sidd had absolute clarity of his fitness goals when he first contacted me. He met his fitness targets, with my Keto Coaching in 2.5 months and is now going to focus on building strength and toning up. I share his pictures today with utmost satisfaction and the pleasure that I could help him achieve what he set out to.