Meet My Keto Warriors

While you are making up your mind, have a look at some of the transformations that have already happened. People like you and me, who reached out for help and are now precious friends.


He followed my guidance precisely, no arguments whatsoever, and that’s the reason his weight loss story will leave you speechless.


If you thought reverse aging is a myth and only happens in sci-fi films, then you need to check Era’s pictures closely.


At the very onset of my #Keto #Coaching with Zahera,she had realised that #Keto works. She then took the plunge and stuck to the diet.


Manvinder managed to lose 12kgs of weight and a shocking 9 inches on the waist in just 90 days.


From 86kgs to 69kgs ! That’s the weight loss story of vivacious Swati, who was hell bent on shedding the fat and discovering her pretty self.


With my #Keto Coaching she lost 13 kgs and as evident from the pictures loads of inches. She infact lost 7 inches on the waist.


Aarti lost almost 13kgs in three months and her pictures speak for themselves.


In 90 days she went from 96kgs to 83kgs, despite the pressure of embarking on a new career path and adapting to a new way of #Keto eating.


I did have a few doubts and there at the outset but keto has not only made me lose weight but I am actually off my medicines for PCOS

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