Meet My Keto Warriors

While you are making up your mind have a look at some of the transformations that have already happened. People like you and me, who reached out for help and are now precious friends.


Despite living in a small town she managed to give herself a makeover and has now adapted to the #Ketogenic Lifestyle for life.


As she is hypothyroid, leptin resistant,  and hyperallegic too. As a result lost 9 kgs and went from size XL to Size M,


I salute this young mans dedication, discipline and determination.


The credit for Swaroop’s amazing transformation goes to his lovely wife Sharvari, who under my guidance ensured that he had all the support.


At fifty-two years of age can beat any thirty year old in a competition of grit, determination and the will to get fit and healthy.


#Keto boosted his self confidence, morale and gave him the inner strength to take on the world.


Despite being a fulltime working professional and a hands on mom, she followed the Ketogenic Lifestyle.


She started her low carb journey in October last year and has lost more than 15kgs till date.


She has already lost 15kgs in three months, and has vowed to not stop till she reaches her target weight.

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