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    What I Offer
    as a Keto Coach?

    I am an ISSA-certified nutritionist and one of the first Keto coaches in the industry since 2015. As a Keto coach, I provide guidance on weight loss, wellness, and general well-being.

    With years of Keto experience, hundreds of pounds lost, getting in perfect shape, and recaptured health and confidence, I as your personal Keto coach will help you achieve your weight loss goals and enjoy the amazing body transformation quickly, without strict dieting!

    Why Do You
    Need a Keto Coach?

    If you’ve never tried following a Keto diet, or are finding it hard to follow it on your own, or it’s difficult to stay on track, you may benefit from personal coaching!

    ​The best part of being on a personal coaching is the accountability that comes from daily communication as well as in-depth education you receive on how to follow a Keto diet and make it part of your daily life!

    Step 2

    I will detox your body of all toxins and phase out carbs in a methodical manner and get you ready for Keto

    Step 3

    Follow your personalized diet chart to meet your weekly weight targets, with round-the-clock support

    Progress will be tracked on weekly basis. And all times we stay connected on WhatsApp, email and phone


    Keto diet is an easy way to burn fat and lose weight for busy moms, working professionals, and fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

    According to a study published on NCBI, people on a Keto diet lost 2.2 times more weight than those on a calorie-restricted low-fat diet. Meaning you can lose weight without counting calories.

    My personalized coaching and tailor-made Keto diet plans facilitate healthy rapid fat loss, elevated physical performance, improved mood, reduced stress levels, and better overall well‐being and optimal health.

    My Keto diet plans are easy to follow, they induce KETOSIS in just 4 days. KETOSIS is a metabolic state in which “fat” provides most of the fuel for the body. When this happens, metabolic rate increases, the body burns more and more fat, resulting in fast weight loss.

    Will This
    Work For Me?

    Everyone has a different lifestyle and body type. Which means – “one for all” method may not help you achieve your weight loss goal. When I work with you as your Keto coach, we start with an assessment to create a customized diet plan that’s suitable for your body type, goals, and lifestyle. This way, you’ll always know the next step you should be taking, and getting support every step of the way.

    Make A New Year’s Resolution To Get Fit in 2020!

    Some Keto
    Success Stories

    Priya brought me closer to my target weight than I’ve ever managed before. And she did it while ensuring I was hydrated, well fed, and feeling great about myself. She’s on hand to keep you motivated day after day without fail. I really wouldn’t have come this far without her. Try her program. It really really works.

    Payel Basu

    It has been an amazing journey of weight loss with Priya ma’am. She through her customised keto diet plans ensured weight loss (difficult in other diets) to make me fitter from what i was. Thank you ma’am

    Navin Sharma


    Priya provides great guidance and is a thorough professional.. a suberb motivator to have when things aren’t going your way.. She provides customised meal plans to suit your food preferences and has a result oriented mindset. Be true and honest to the guidance and meal plans and you will see the results yourself.

    Puneet Behrani


    Priya is a very strict and very knowledgeable Nutritionist. I was skeptical to start Keto, but today I have understood the science of eating. I have reduced by 8.1 kg and loads of inches: Thanks Priya for wonderful guidance and introducing me to this healthy world!

    Usha Keshavamurthy


    Where to

    When you eat a carbohydrate-rich diet, the body produces glucose (sugar). Glucose gets converted into energy. The body gets its energy from glucose and the fats are not needed, leading to fat build-up in the body.

    Keto diet breaks this cycle. This will be made possible by feeding the body with less carb – more fat – and moderate protein.

    A well-maintained Keto diet forces the body into Ketosis. My over-the-shoulder guidance will help your body adapt to this sudden change effortlessly, and stay in Ketosis longer to help you lose weight effectively.

    If you are still in doubt, check out my body transformation and weight loss journey.


    My name is Priya Dogra, an Indian Keto Coach and nutritionist. This is my personal story of success, of getting fit and losing weight, by switching to a Ketogenic Lifestyle. The journey has inspired me to share my story with all those looking for inspiration to lose weight and get healthy again.

    It is not easy to live in any country, neighborhood, locality or apartment if you are fat and unhealthy. You get stared upon, snubbed and made fun of by anybody and everybody. Know More

    To carve your own incredible weight-loss story, you will have to start somewhere. Hop onto the Keto wagon and turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

    Disclaimer: Weight loss results may vary from person to person and from one body type to another.
    I am a certified keto coach and the information I provide is based on my personal experience and success with the Ketogenic lifestyle. I am not a licensed physician so please seek advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding any medical conditions.

    Ready To Take A Call On Your Health And Get Fit Again

    Meet My #KetoWarriors

    While you are making up your mind have a look at some of the transformations that have already happened. People like you and me, who reached out for help and are now precious friends.

    Kriti - Priya's Keto Warrior


    Kriti is a pure vegetarian who lives in Uganda. She got inspired by her brother-in-law and her sister who had enrolled for my Keto  Coaching earlier and achieved excellent results. Kriti now leads a healthy lifestyle and her confidence levels have soared enough, to make her feel beautiful from inside and outside.


    I am ecstatic to declare that I have moved from a BMI that put me in Borderline Obese to that of Athelete level fitness – way beyond any goal I had set for myself at the onset! I love the version of me that you have helped me discover, and hope to maintain it with an ongoing low-carb diet.


    Divya signed up with these words “I’m 34 years old, I weigh 68.5 kgs and my height is 4’11
    I have an apple-shaped body. How much can I expect to drop if I do it meticulously as per your diet? Just a rough idea would do. My ideal weight is 50-53 kg. It would be great if we can work towards achieving that, I’ll do whatever I can. I just need handholding”. Keto worked for Divya like a miracle. As you can see, her tummy is not visible now. She lost many Killos in a very short time of period. Obviously, she was a disciplined student and was doing whatever I asked her to do. Her hard work and self-control paid her off.