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Creamy Broccoli Lemon & Parmesan Soup: A Must-Try Soup for Fall

Keto Broccoli Lemon Parmesan Soup - Keto For India

There’s no better way to conquer Monday mornings than with a steaming bowl of soup. That’s why I put a lot of effort into crafting this delicious bowl of Keto Broccoli Lemon Parmesan Soup, which is both Keto-friendly and incredibly tasty. You must give it a try!

This recipe instantly became a beloved and frequently requested dish in our household. My family loves it as much as I do. I made it thrice last week upon their demand, so you can imagine how good it must be.

It is a recipe that transforms ordinary ingredients into an extraordinary dining experience. This nutritive and low-carb soup serves as a hearty breakfast option, and is also an ideal solution for those cozy autumn evenings when hunger strikes.

It’s simply amazing – the zesty kick of lemon, and the creamy indulgence of Parmesan cheese, all coming together in one delightful bowl. This soup is a testament to the fact that eating healthy can be an incredibly delicious affair.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the step-by-step, easy recipe for creating this flavorful and satisfying soup.

Serves 4 people
Prep time 15 minutes
Cook time 30 minutes


Broccoli Florets 900 grams
Water 700 ml
Unsweetened Almond Milk 235 ml
Heavy Whipping Cream 240 g
Shredded Parmesan Cheese 180 g
Lemon Juice 2 tbsp
Salt & Pepper to taste


  1. Place the broccoli and water in a pot and cook over medium-high heat until the broccoli becomes tender.
  2. Set aside 1 cup of the cooking liquid from the pot and discard the remainder.
  3. Combine half of the cooked broccoli, the reserved cooking liquid, unsweetened almond milk, heavy cream, salt, and pepper in a blender. Blend until the mixture becomes smooth.
  4. Transfer the blended mixture back into the pot with the remaining broccoli. Stir in the Parmesan cheese and lemon juice, and continue cooking until it’s heated.
  5. Taste and adjust the seasoning with more salt and pepper.
  6. Serve with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on top.

Nutrition in 1 Serving

Calories 318
Fats 3.7 gram
Fiber 29.9 gram
Net Carbohydrates 30 gram

Don’t forget to serve it with a side of Keto toast for some added crunch and satisfaction.  I am sure you will enjoy having this irresistible keto soup.  Also, try my Keto Broccoli Jalapeno SoupKeto Egg Drop Soup, or Keto Spinach Soup.

Do share your views after trying this soup in the comments section below. You may even follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on my Ketogenic lifestyle and learn more healthy and yummy Ketogenic recipes.

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