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Let’s Start with an Indian Keto Breakfast

Let’s start with the most important meal of the day. An Indian Keto breakfast needs to be high in protein and fats like the rest of the diet, in order to get you going through the day. I have always been fond of eggs, so didn’t need to do much thinking. Eggs can be had boiled, scrambled, fried, sunny side up, double-fried, and made into omelets.

From a single egg a day I went up to two eggs and now three. Eggs are the most convenient food to curb any craving for carbs. Keep a few boiled in the fridge to fix a quick snack at any time. From having an omelette with onions and tomatoes, I have switched to plain omelettes with green dhania or parsley and mint leaves.

For your information, onions and tomatoes, especially raw, have high sugar content and should not be had in a Keto diet. The breakfast also gives you ample opportunities to add other protein supplements to the meal. You can add slices of bacon, ham, kebabs, salami, sausages, or even chicken. And remember, you can eat as much as is allowed within your macros. 

When you are cooking the eggs, the ideal medium would be ghee or butter, as they are high in fat content. From my experience, I have realized that butter burns very quickly on a pan, so it is a good idea to smear the eggs with it later.

My favorite breakfast is three eggs sunny side up with 4 slices of bacon. I know a friend who ate up to 6 eggs in the first month. I can hear your question already, relax, it does not cause cholesterol.

On a day when you really want to pamper yourself for your excellent life choice of switching to a Keto lifestyle, cook for yourself a cheese omelette with strips of bacon folded inside it. Next time I have that, I will surely share the picture with you.

Nothing makes you full like eggs and meat, I confess.

Boiled eggs can be mashed with butter or sugarless mayonnaise and had like a paste. From today onwards bid goodbye to bread, cereals, cornflakes, poha and paranthas. Please note that you cannot have any kind of tomato sauce, as it is very high in sugar and tomatoes. The permitted safe sauce is soy sauce and our friendly neighborhood pudina or mint chutney, but without sugar.

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Please note that you can add as many green leafy vegetables to your breakfast menu, although I can’t handle greens early morning. However, please avoid peas as they are high in carbohydrates. If you feed yourself well in the morning, you will not think of food for a long time. Please drink lots of water, as the body will start flushing out the fat from day one, so keep it well hydrated.

Fact: If you still need inspiration, let me share with you a SECRET. I can fit into jeans that are seven years old, without holding my breath, or tucking my tummy in.

Awesome, isn’t it ?

Remember, you will do it for yourself and nobody else.

Once you decide to switch to a Ketogenic diet, you need to remember its mantra at all times-

“ No Carbohydrates and No Sugar.”

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