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What is Keto diet? Ketosis Symptoms and Side Effects

Indian food and recipes in keto

Indian Keto food and recipes

Today we are going to talk about the scientific meaning of a Keto diet. After reading today’s post, you will get it right in one go. Firstly, please keep in mind that when a Keto diet is followed by sticking to the basic rules, it has no harmful side effects whatsoever. The few rare cases when it has failed is only due to the negligence of the individual and not the diet.

Your body is in a state of ‘Ketosis’ at all times. It is a normal metabolic process that the body follows in order to keep it running. When you go on a Keto diet, you are actually forcing the body to burn fats, in the absence of carbohydrates.

The body manufactures a greater number of ketones, in order to digest the fat. In a normal healthy human being, who sticks to a balanced diet, the ketones are not put too much use. But once you cut off the carbs, the body switches to ketosis in order to fulfill its energy needs.

Worldwide, Keto diets are gaining popularity as a successful weight loss strategy. The stress is laid on a high fat and protein diet. The wonderful thing about the body going into ketosis is the fact that you always have a satisfying feeling in your head. It maintains your muscles, and you are never in a state of hunger.

In fact, your body has switched to ketosis, when you don’t feel hungry at all. Doctors in the European Union are also recommending this diet to children suffering from epilepsy, seizures, and to diabetics too. There are researches that are also suggesting that keto diets help in lowering risks of heart diseases.

In most people, ketosis will kick in just three to four days. I had switched to it in three days myself. Symptoms that you might notice in the first week, will be a constant mild headache and the urge to use the bathroom often. Believe me, in just a week, all these symptoms will vanish.

Another thing that I can share from my experience is this ‘high’ feeling that you will have in your head. In most other diets, by the end of the day, you are irritated and tired. Once my body switched to ketosis, I had the energy to run around the clock.

Even at eleven in the night, I was so fresh in the head. My words will not be able to express this feeling so well; you really have to experience it to know. It was as if the doors in my head had opened.

The only negative side effect that I need to share with you, is the change in your body smell. You will notice after three days that the taste in your mouth will be slightly metallic. And your partner might observe a strange smell from your body. It’s not exactly a foul smell, but it is not very pleasant, either.

The only way you can tackle it is by keeping yourself well hydrated. I keep a bottle of lime juice mixed with salt and water on my bedside at all times. At all times, try to maintain the salt and mineral balance of your body. It really helps in controlling the keto smell and after a month or so everybody gets used to it.

Like any normal woman, I was worried about the diet’s effect on my hair and skin. You will be happy to know that my hair fall has reduced, and my skin is glowing like a young girl. And my friends will vouch for that.

The Keto Calculator / TDEE

For those of you who want to really want to lose weight and get fit, calculate your daily TDEE by clicking on the above link.

TDEE – Total Daily Energy Expenditure, which basically means you get to calculate the number of calories you need to consume on a daily basis, in order to stay alive. I, for one, try to consume a little less than what the TDEE shows in order to achieve my steady weight loss target.

My Fat Secret / My Fitness Pal

So you got the calculator, and you know your TDEE figures, next comes the menu planning. Relax, I am not trying to add stress to your busy life.

I use these two apps to precisely calculate the calories that I am feeding my body on a daily basis. The best thing about them is that they have on their menu Indian food items, which are very difficult to find on other sites and Apps.

After reading this post you will agree, that all my tall claims were actually based on solid scientific research, which is sure to work.

Time to get serious now, no more excuses.

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