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Priya’s Keto Green Smoothie

Priya's #Keto Spinach/Cucumber Smoothie

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I receive numerous inquiries from friends and family every day regarding what is allowed and what should be avoided on the Keto diet. One common concern is about lentils, fruits, juices, and sweets.

Many individuals transitioning to the Keto lifestyle find themselves missing their favorite shakes and juices that they used to enjoy. I must admit, I miss them too, especially during the scorching summers in India. How many glasses of lime juice can one have, after all?

To address this dilemma, I have a delightful solution for you today: the Keto parallel of Green Smoothie, a refreshing combination of cucumber and spinach.

Not only is it a feast for the eyes, but it also nourishes your body with essential nutrients and healthy fats. If you’re hesitant about consuming liquid spinach, rest assured that the flavor of spinach is quite subdued in this smoothie.

Having it in the morning not only provides a burst of freshness, but also energizes my mind, giving me a boost for the entire day. Trust me, this green smoothie will become your go-to beverage to start your day off right.

Priya’s Keto Spinach/Cucumber Smoothie

You could also have it as a palate cleanser. Drink it before you hit the gym or after it. And if you live in one of the hot cities of India, it’s your perfect snack for a summer day.

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Cucumber & Spinach Keto Green Smoothie


  1. It is very simple to make this smoothie. Just grab your mixer, add the spinach and toss them.
  2. Add the coconut milk and blend some more.
  3. Toss in the ice cubes.
  4. Now add the stevia, coconut oil and the flax seeds powder.
  5. Stop the blender, let the ingredients settle down, and then blend some more.
  6. You have the option of adding the cucumber on top or blending it with the rest of the ingredients.
  7. I personally like the bits of cucumber, and keep it chopped.
  8. You will see the spinach floating, but you can’t taste it as such.
  9. Pour in a tall glass and enjoy it in peace.
  10. Garnish with mint leaves

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Flax seeds powder

I have used Alsi (flax) seeds powder in this recipe. But you can skip it if you want. Flax seeds are a very rich source of fiber, manganese, Vitamin B1 and Omega-3. Just 1 teaspoon of flax seeds powder provides you with your daily nutritional requirement of Omega-3. And if you are wondering about their taste, they have a very nutty flavor which takes a little getting used to. But when you add it to shakes and smoothies, it gets dominated by other flavors.

Flax Seed Grounded


Again, an optional ingredient which you can skip if you want to control the fat content of the smoothie. If you ask me, don’t skip it.

Coconut Oil

Do let me know if you liked it.


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