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Gear up to defeat the Obesity Monster with a Ketogenic Lifestyle

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How many of you have tried every possible diet and exercise regime under the sky, in order to get fit ? But failed every time. You might have gone through stages where you were eating like a pauper and punishing yourself by not eating all the things you like to eat. Only to realize four months later that you only lost five or six kg.

We Indians, especially women, stop caring for ourselves once we get married, and later when we have kids. A fat tummy and a big backside are considered normal in our society. I am an ordinary Indian woman like you, approaching the 40 marks with two kids.

I was never slim or in top shape. And in very polite terms, the puppy fat I had gathered in school decided to grow with me and became my companion for life. After two kids, I totally put all thoughts of getting into shape on the back burner, accepting it as my fate.

And it’s not that the idea did not cross my mind in all these years. Every year there came a period of three to four months, where I got all excited about getting fit and slim.

But the excitement and the enthusiasm was either lost at the sight of a cheesecake or a box of my favourite mithai. After so many failed attempts, the family and friends who pushed me to do something also gave up. The clothes kept getting bigger, and soon I knew the names and locations of all stores that sold plus size clothes.

Most of us, who have been to such a store, will agree that the sales personnel there also give you a sympathetic look. They make you feel like a hopeless case who still wants to look good and normal. But all that is in the past, the reason I am sharing my story with you today, is because I have finally found a miracle cure to get fit, without depriving or starving myself.

If you have struggled with weight and wanted to look fit for a long time, then you have come to the right page. I have gone through an overweight and fat phase for a long time to know exactly how it feels. But before we start working out the details, there is a tiny but essential detail that I need to share with you.

This diet and this new lifestyle will be a success only if you make a firm resolution in your mind and your heart, that come what, you will do it this time. Be realistic about your goals and don’t be in any kind of hurry. I have given myself a complete year to get back into shape and to look good. And after three months of diet, I am more than determined to do it for myself, and not for anybody else.

I want to look pretty, be healthy, and feel fit.

Like the goal, also have a clear understanding that this is a foreign concept and cannot be implemented 100% in our Indian lifestyles. So don’t panic on seeing the break-up of carbs and portions in your food. The important thing to remember is to restrain yourself, and keep yourself motivated at all times.

The first two months were the toughest for me, now it is a way of life. You might take longer or maybe less to adjust. In order to succeed, you need to stay determined. The good news is that the results start pouring in the first week itself.

Be ready for an array of questions from every corner. I am a North Indian, so imagine the shock my family was in, when they heard that I was giving up paranthas, biryanis, and puris. The questions have not stopped yet, but i have got used to them now. For starters, pick a date, and hog as much as you can before that. My advice might sound ridiculous to a fit person, but the advice is not for a fit person. Do you think it’s easy for somebody who lives to eat, to take a U-Turn overnight ?

Gear up, get set to rock and roll…

Gear up to defeat the obesity monster with a #Ketogenic Lifestyle

Posted by KETO for INDIA on Thursday, 3 September 2015

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