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I am glad to report that many Indians are now getting aware of the Ketogenic diet. I was a fat, obese and lazy woman 17 months ago, and look at me now. If you are still thinking about whether you can do it, is it in you to change your lifestyle? Just take a look at my pictures and get inspired. I went from 100 kgs to 62kgs and from looking like a sack of potatoes, I now look like a fit middle-aged woman. I have loads of energy and am living life to the fullest. If you think you are ready to give yourself a makeover, Join the Keto Wagon today. The right time has arrived. Just stop beating around the bush.

You might be a busy professional woman, a homemaker running behind her kids, somebody who is trying to strike a balance between home and office, or simply a couch potato who eats all days and does not move a muscle. Or you could be that guy who goes to the gym to click selfies or the woman who misses breakfast all week only to have a double cheese pizza on the weekend. believe me, I have been there and done it all.

Whatever might be your story, by joining the Keto wagon you will be able to shed the kilos that have been shielding the real you, in no time feel like a new you. Just have a look at this next picture, what was I thinking and where was I headed. Thank God, better sense prevailed and I joined the wagon. I am glad, my family is happy, my girls are super proud of me and my husband has a twinkle in his eye, as he is so so proud of me.

Keto for India

On a serious note, like any new concept, Keto too is fighting a long list of notions that are doing the rounds of health corridors.

And so on and so forth… If you ask me I can tell you a few facts from my experience. Firstly, please do your research and be very clear about the actual ball game. Do not follow your best friend’s diet, no two bodies are similar. What might work for your friend will not necessarily work for you. And most importantly, Keto is not a weight loss program, if you are getting into it to lose a few kilos, and then go back to eating carbs and sugar. It’s not for you!

Join the Keto wagon but first, educate yourself further by going through these links and if you have any doubts feel free to ping me. Lastly, like I always say – ‘Keep Calm and Keto On! ‘


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