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Episode 7: Happy Women’s Day 2020 To All The Iron Ladies

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Hi, This is Fitness Radio Episode 7, and you are back with Priya Dogra your Keto Fitness trainer. So today is Women’s day and I am very excited to celebrate it with all of you out there.  This episode is dedicated to all the women in all ages, all shapes, all sizes, colors, and casts in different locations to celebrate how amazing we are.

We all as women are born with a bagful of talent, love, and skills that nobody can tell us that we are less than a man in any aspect.   We are strong; handle so many tricky and stressful situations, and nobody taught us how to do this. Nobody told us that you will be thrown into a lion’s den, and you’ll be require figuring out how to come out on your own. But we still do it, and we do it every single day with a smile on our face and head high. We gear up ourselves every single day for a new challenge, and we don’t give up easily, and that’s what makes us a wonderful creature.

We actually don’t need women’s day to celebrate how amazing we are; because we all are born amazing. We all are wonderful sitters to support our brothers and sisters, and support everybody else in the family whenever it is required. We don’t do it out of expectation in return. We are wonderful mothers, who forgive our children when they are rude, selfish and forget about us. But we still love them blindly, endlessly, and we can do anything in this world to make them happy.  A small scratch on a baby’s skin can leave a mother restless a whole night. It is how amazing and kind creature we are.

We are wonderful wives who support our husbands in all kinds of situations, and put our careers, dreams, wishes behind to support our family. It’s just not about the family we don’t shortfall to support our society and country to grow.

I don’t think I need to take names of all those women who have done so much for the society and the world keeping their lives at cost. Women are not restricted to be housewives. They are doing so many amazing nowadays like they are joining the arm forces, becoming pilots and working on oil tankers.

You are an iron lady, so it is your chance to celebrate your lives. Celebrate the strength of your souls and the love in your hearts. We live the life of a juggler and play the part of the devil’s advocate and sometimes just play the role everybody expects us to play.

Here are the things you can do to celebrate you as a woman.

Have an awesome day and let nobody tell you that you are not amazing!

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