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Priya Dogra clean episodic Priya Dogra (Priya Dogra) Fitness Radio by Priya Dogra Fitness Radio TV-G Episode 20: Zen – The Book That Will Help You Find Inner Peace and Happiness Sat, 04 Jul 2020 16:55:27 +0000 Episode 20: Zen- The Book That Will Help You Find Inner Peace and Happiness Episode 20: Zen- The Book That Will Help You Find Inner Peace and Happiness
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Hi, this is Fitness Radio Episode 20, and you are back with Priya Dogra. So, these times of lockdown when are all adjusting to new normals. I’m reading books that help you find focus in life, help you feel much more at peace, and help you in making the best of the situation in hand because it is not much you can do what is happening outside your house. So, you might as well try and create a peaceful environment at home, so that everybody has pacified nerves and you don’t feel as if the world is going to end.

So, I’m reading the book which a lot of might have heard, and it’s called Zen- Art of Simple Living. So, Zen is all about changing your habits, ideas and it gives you hints for living a happy life. Happiness is a typical question because we all have different benchmarks for it. But for me I think if I’m at peace I’m more or less happy. If I’m not at peace, I’m not happy. The same might work for a lot of you, and this book gives you simple tips on how to be at peace, how to feel that life is good and this is not the end world, how to remove all your negative thoughts from your life.


Now, I’m going to share some tips with you which have been given in the book to energize yourself, because we are reading the news, figure and death rates, and recovery rates, and our energy levels are going for a toss. We might wake up every morning thinking that everything will be fine by the end of the day everything is going down.

* You should make time for emptiness
* Take out some time for yourself, shut out everything and just relax
* Shut down your devices for some time and have peace within yourself
* Start a habit of reaching everywhere 15 minutes earlier so that you don’t get anxiety of getting late
* Wake up 15 minutes earlier to your alarm time
* Do a little bit of stretching after waking up
* Enjoy your favorite cup of tea or coffee in the morning, and just relax
* Don’t rush for other works that are pending, make a mental note of what you want to do today
* Enjoy the morning air, it makes you feel alive
* When you come home; don’t throw your shoes all over the house, line them properly
* Do introspection, discard mental and physical baggage
* Give your unused clothes or shoes to someone who is needy
* Be kind, focus on good things in life
* Say thank you and sorry to people you have been wanted to say from a long time
* Sort out things, organize yourself and move on
* Organize your workplace and desk, don’t make it look untidy
* Give yourself a break, enjoy your favorite beverage at your favorite place
* Take a moment to thank god for your blessings and giving you people or family who loves you
* Talk to everyone in the family, don’t come to the dinner table with your phones on
* Have quality time with your family and friends
* Cherish your meal, you will feel much more relaxed
* When tensed, walk barefoot indoors or on grass
* Exhale your anger and then take a call
* Be kind to other people, they might be going through a rough phase

So guys, these are the points I had for you, all of them make sense to me. If you can remember them work on them, you will be a happy person.

Keep everybody happy at home,]]>
Priya Dogra 13:48
Episode 19: How to Care For Dry Hands After Over-Sanitizing and Washing Amid Covid-19 Sat, 13 Jun 2020 12:07:24 +0000 Episode 19: How to Care For Dry Hands After Over-Sanitizing and Washing Amid Covid-19 Episode 19: How to Care For Dry Hands After Over-Sanitizing and Washing Amid Covid-19 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Spotify | RSS | More


Hi, this is Fitness Radio Episode 19, and you are back with Priya Dogra. Today, I am here to talk about something very important that many of us are ignoring amid the serious Coronavirus pandemic.  Yes, the situation is getting worse, and we already are reading a lot about it from the past several months.

But this time, I want to talk about how to properly care for your dry hands caused by over-sanitization and washing amids the Coronavirus threat.  I am the type of person who is very fond of soft and nice-looking hands. Generally, what we do is in our attempt to look pretty and presentable, we tend to forget our hands and feet. So I made a habit of keeping a hand cream in my bag, on my bedside table, at my desk, and lots of people used to wonder at it, but honestly I didn’t care.

It’s a nice habit to pamper your hands, and to make them look nice and smell nice. Since the pandemic came in, we are washing our hands all day long, and then we are sanitizing them.  Sanitizing them to the extent that our phones are not recognizing our fingerprints.  Even if when we try to use our hands to do other things, our hands feel so dry and lifeless, as if the outer layer has been peeled off.  Washing is important, but then we need to take care of our hands too.

Also, there are many reports which suggest that too much sanitization is not actually good. Eventually, a sanitizer penetrates the first layer of the skin of our hands, and somewhere there will be some side effects. So ensure you are using a good sanitizer, and ensure that you are keeping your hands soft and taking care of them too.

I have some basic tips that you can do, and for that you don’t have to buy a fancy cream or something which is expensive. There are so many things that you can do at home.

* Take a small spoon of Malai/milk cream and just rub it over your hands, and just let it be
* Have Omega 3 supplements
* Have Vitamin D and Vitamin C supplements too
* Add ½ teaspoon of baking soda in water with you are washing your dishes or start wearing washing gloves
* Massage your hands with equal parts of dried coconut and sugar, after washing your dishes, do it every two days
* Keep a bottle of your favorite body oil near the sink where you wash your hands, and apply two drops of it every time after you finish washing your hands
* Put a thick layer of Vaseline on your dry hands/feet, then wear gloves/socks overnight
* Apply sweet almond oil
* You can use aloe vera creams or gel
* Stay hydrated, drink a lot of water
* Use a good sunscreen, especially when driving

These were some handy tips to take care of dry hands and skin that we are facing nowadays. Take out some quality time for yourself, pamper yourself, and give yourself a home manicure or pedicure. If you don’t have time for this, just moisturize your hands, or put a drop of lavender or any essential oil in Malai or whatever oil you are using to keep your hands soft. Believe me, when your hands are smelling nice, your day is made.

Till then take care of your health, mental health, stay positive, and be safe.]]>
Priya Dogra 10:00
Episode 18: How Safe is it to Send Kids Back to Schools Post Lockdown? Fri, 05 Jun 2020 13:40:27 +0000 Episode 18: How Safe is it to Send Kids Back to Schools Post Lockdown? Episode 18: How Safe is it to Send Kids Back to Schools Post Lockdown?

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Hi, this is Fitness Radio Episode 18, and you are back with Priya Dogra. So there has been a survey done in which parents of children of all ages are asked that are they ready to send their children back to schools. So I thought that’s the burning question for every parent today. Since the lockdown opened, and I have children of my own, I am worried what are we going to do? Because everybody is worried about every other thing, but nobody is thinking about our state of mind. Are we really ready to send children back to schools?

So from the online survey, the figure which came out says that 90% of parents are unwilling to send their children to schools back. And I am happened to be one of them. 56% said that they will watch for a month or two and then they will send them back. 8% said that yes they will send kids back to schools. One day the school will open then, what are we going to do after 50 days of lockdown? There is no vaccine, there is no cure, there are clustered areas with positive Coronavirus cases and cases are still coming.

I don’t think we just have two choices, whether to send them or whether to not send them, because education is important and how long we can keep them at home? But then the debate actually comes down to dropping a year.  Because when the schools are open teachers will not provide them online classes. They will teach them in the physical classes, and you left with no choice other than sending them back to schools.

In the same survey, 64% of parents said that they are not going to send their children to social gatherings like birthday parties, pajama parties, or group studies. So when we are not comfortable sending them to each other’s home then how can we send them to schools?  That’s a very valid question. Only 1% of the parents said that they would be comfortable taking their children to malls again. I will not be. What is the burning need to go to a mall or a public place, which is air-conditioned, where people are walking out in the whole day? Why? What is the urgency?

35% of parents said they would be willing to let their children to go out to the parks, to play with their friends, till the time they maintain social distancing. 45% of parents said that they will not let their kids play any sport this year. Then what how our post lockdown will look like? I have no clue. How will schools manage a mishap of a school person or child due to a positive case? 1% of the parents also said that they will not be taking their kids to any holidays. It makes sense to me.

Nothing is important than our kids’ security. So please think thousand times before taking the call to send your children back to school this year. I am hoping for better times and more clarity.

Till then be safe and stay healthy!]]>
Priya Dogra 10:38
Episode 17: How to Find “Me Time” During The Pandemic Thu, 28 May 2020 15:01:17 +0000 Episode 17: How to Find "Me Time" During The Pandemic Episode 17: How to Find "Me Time" During The Pandemic

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Hi, this is Fitness Radio Episode 17, and you are back with Priya Dogra. So today I am going to talk about how to make time for yourself in the noisy homes we are living in, during this lockdown. There is really no ‘me time’ for mommies and people like you and me. Even for daddies. So what do we do? We either go insane and become robots, where we are doing one task after the other, where we keep balancing our role between online classes, household work, office work, or taking care of all the family members, and we forget about ourselves and importance of me time.

Firstly, 'me time' is not supposed to make you feel guilty. Believe me, when you will schedule a slot for yourself, which is called me time actually, your productivity increases, your relationships get better and it also reboots your brain. If you feel you are snapping at everybody, losing patience or you are not feeling like your old self then it’s high time for you to think to spend some time with yourself. So what you need to do for that? Firstly, you need to schedule the ‘me time’. I am not somebody who can do random things; I do that when I am in a break or when I know I have the leisure of free time. But otherwise, in these times I like to schedule things.

What do you do in that ‘me time’? Firstly, you switch off all your gadgets like your phone, your desktop, or laptop. Sit in the most favorite corner of your house and just stretch your legs, and just shut out the world.  Forget about what you are going to cook in dinner, what you are going to pack for a breakfast tomorrow, what you are going to wash in the machine tomorrow, just forget about everything without feeling any guilt. This is your time to focus on yourself. If you are really tired, you can take a nap, relax and just rejuvenate your energy.

Believe me, these power naps, which are in a jiffy really feel good. Also, remember when we used to pen down poetry, sketch, or draw things just to express ourselves. Probably this ‘me time’ is the right time to recall your old hobbies and create something out of the box. Those were the things that gave you actual satisfaction or pleasure, which no amount of any other thing or activity can do.

Give time to your forgotten hobbies. Do some painting, gardening, or just take out some old albums to revisit old memories. There is so much you can do.

If you think expressing yourself makes you feel better, then why don’t you write a journal? Pen down your few thoughts on your favorite diary, or on your phone. Pen down how was your day, and you will feel much better.

If you want to pamper yourself, download your favorite movie and watch that. One more thing you can do relax your soul is to stop having those jiffy showers. A shower is supposed to be a relaxation time. Pamper your body, buy some fancy shampoo and shops and just relax your mind and body. Breathe in and just relax, because that’s the best time when nobody will bother you.

If you like to eat, take some time to give yourself a treat by cooking your favorite dessert or a cup of coffee. Just make a batch of ice-cream you have been waiting to have and share it with the family. These small treats will rejuvenate you and will give you a boost of energy.

It’s all about feeling good inside. No matter how many good clothes we wear, if we don’t feel good from inside then everything feel...]]>
Priya Dogra 8:11
Episode 16: Take a Moment to Thank Help That Plays a Big Role in Your Life Sat, 16 May 2020 13:01:38 +0000 Episode 16: Take a Moment to Thank Help That Plays a Big Role in Your Life Episode 16: Take a Moment to Thank Help That Plays a Big Role in Your Life
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Hi, this is Fitness Radio Episode 16, and you are back with Priya Dogra. So toady’s podcast is very special to me, and I am sure many of you will be able to relate to it. Today we are going to say thank you to all the people whom we ignored or took for granted. In this lockdown, I have realized that we should appreciate the existence of people who play such an important role in our lives. When they are there we don’t even realize their contribution they are doing to make our life comfortable.

To start off the list, I want to give a sincere thanks to all the people who work in our homes. The maids, the cleaners, the driver, the gardeners, the cooks, and the list go on.  We just take them for granted, we think, they are paid to do things they are doing, and we are paying them. It’s not the right attitude.  We get paid for our work in our workplaces, but then why we sulk when the boss shouts on us, and ask us to lay back late? The same rule we should apply to the home workers also. They are also a human being, they also have to go back to their families and play s many parallel roles. So, big thank you to them for bearing our moods and tantrums. We generally take out the boss’s anger on them. We shout on them when our children make the mess for no reason. We all should thank them for bearing with us and not leave us. We should thank them for coming to work every single day so that we can go to work.

So after the lockdown when they come back, remember, this they are there as a fellow human being but not as somebody we have bought just because we are paying them. Be grateful for them for being there and helping us out for keeping our house clean and for making it function properly.

Priya Dogra 12:38
Episode 15: Beating the Lockdown Blues With My Favourite Bollywood Movies Wed, 06 May 2020 16:30:15 +0000 Episode 15: Beating the Lockdown Blues With My Favourite Bollywood Movies Episode 15: Beating the Lockdown Blues With My Favourite Bollywood Movies

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Hi, this is Fitness Radio Episode 15, and you are back with Priya Dogra. So last time I shared you a list of my most favourite Hollywood movies. Since the lockdown started, we have been looking for ways to spend some quality time with our children and family at home. And I believe there is no better way to watch some good movies with them.

I am always on the lookout for movies that can be seen with the children and the entire family, and then you can spend the evening laughing and having fun.  This time I have got you a list of my favorite Bollywood movies that you can watch during the lockdown. These are some movies which I have been watching with my children, and they are enjoying them. So let’s go!
1 Mr. India
It is one of my most favourite movies that I wanted to show to my children for a long time. Perfect villain played by legendary actor Amrish Puri. Anil Kapoor and Sridevi both are 100% towards their characters. It is an iconic film. Everything is very entertaining and all the actors including those children bring so much emotion to viewers.

Where to watch: Youtube

IMDb Rating:  7.8
2. Hera Pheri
Hera Pheri is one of the hilarious movies, and I guarantee you will fall off laughing from your sofa or chair watching this. It is a series of comedy films and I love all its parts.  It has Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal and Sunil Shetty in the lead role.  It is like a cast that gel together and give excellent performances, pushing each other to excel and raise the benchmark. Every dialogue, every scene, and every expression of the characters in this movie is worth remembering.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video/Youtube

IMDb Rating:  8.2
3. Sholay
It is one of those iconic movies which no one can miss watching. The most complete action, adventure, drama film ever made in India. It is a story of Jai and Veeru, two ex-convicts who are hired by Thakur Baldev Singh, a retired policeman, to help him catch Gabbar Singh, a notorious dacoit, who has spread chaos in the village of Ramgarh.  The movies have an amazing cast including Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Jaya Bhaduri,  Hema Malin, Amjad Khan, and Sanjeev Kumar. It has everything- Comedy, Romance, Action, Masala, Thrill, Suspense, Tragedy, and larger than life Villain.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Rating:  8.2
4. Rangeela
It is 100% entertainment for the entire family. Best ever Hindi movie made for an Indian audience who looks for pure fun, thrill, emotion, drama, music, and entertainment. This is my favourite blockbuster movie till the date. It's a kind of a benchmark that no one has been able to reach or cross.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Rating:  7.5
5. Dil
It is a powerful love story of Raja (Aamir Khan) and Madhu ( Madhuri Dixit), who fall in love with each other and get married against their parents' wishes. The movie has everything in it for your entertainment, especially if you like love stories.  You will laugh, cry,]]>
Priya Dogra 12:46
Episode 14: Beating Lockdown Monotony With My Favourite Hollywood Movies Sat, 25 Apr 2020 10:23:18 +0000 Episode 14: Beating Lockdown Monotony With My Favourite Hollywood Movies Episode 14: Beating Lockdown Monotony With My Favourite Hollywood Movies
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Hi, this is Fitness Radio Episode 14, and you are back with Priya Dogra. So guys how is your lockdown going on ? You can share your stories and your daily routine with me. This is the first time our generation is going through a condition like this.  Maybe our parents have gone through something like this during the world war. But for us and our children, this is a very strange time, and we are getting used to it, and hopefully, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

So after the shayries I shared with you a few days back, I am back with you with more happy news. I made a list of English movies which I have been watching with my children while at home.  For your information, my children are of ages 11 and 17, so I always have to pick something which both of them can relate to.  And especially the younger one, because this generation just has no patience for emotional stuff. So I had to pick movies which are easy to understand, and they don’t have to think about those movies later.

These are some of my favorite English movies, and I want you to see them during the lockdown to have a fun good time with your entire family. I am sure you’ll love all of them.  Some of them are on Netflix, some of them are in Amazon Prime, and you can also find some of them on Youtube too.  These are in no order, but I am sure these movies will bring so much quality, positivity, and inspiration in your life.  So let’s began.
1. Notting Hill
It is a story of William, a British bookseller who meets and falls in love with Anna, a high-profile American actress. However, their relationship goes through many crises due to their different social statuses. The movie has such a fairy tale happy ending, and it will definitely make you believe in love.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Rating:  7.1
2. Baby's Day Out
It is a story of three bumbling crooks pose as photographers to kidnap the baby son of a millionaire. But the cute little baby turns out to be smarter than them, making it difficult for them to hold on to him. It is a very happy movie and you must watch it if you love cute babies.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Rating:  6.1
3. The Pursuit of Happyness
This is the most inspirational movie in the list. Will Smith and his son, Jaden, bring to life the true story of a father-son family bravely struggling to step up from the bottom rung of the ladder in 1980s San Francisco.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video/Youtube

IMDb Rating:  8.0
4. Billy Elliot
It is an inspiring movie of an 11-year-old young boy who wants to become a ballet dancer, but he doesn’t understand the idea of a boy doing ballet. It is an amazing story of his struggle, his performances, and the problems that he has undergone to live his dream in reality.

Where to watch: Netflix/Youtube

IMDb Rating:  7.7
5. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
It’s a story of a 13-year-old boy who is thrown out of the school he loves when his family can no longer afford the fees. He sneaks into the library and learns how to build a windmill to save his tow...]]>
Priya Dogra 11:21
Episode 13: Poetry in Times of Covid-19 Lockdown to Keep us Positive Wed, 22 Apr 2020 12:49:57 +0000 Episode 13: Poetry in Times of Covid-19 Lockdown to Keep us Positive Episode 13: Poetry in Times of Covid-19 Lockdown to Keep us Positive

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Hi, this is Fitness Radio Episode 13, and you are back with Priya Dogra. It’s been a long time since I last spoke to you, and honestly, nothing much has changed since then.  We are still fighting the pandemic sitting in our homes during the lockdown. The situation is getting depressing day by day, not because there is no good news.

So many people are recovering. There so many people who are setting examples for us of how braves we humans are to handle the situation. There are also frontline workers who are doing every possible thing to protect us. But a common man like you and I know that nothing much has changed.  We are still in the lockdown; we still don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. And the news from the morning till the night is starting to bug us. To lessen the stress of coronavirus, I made a rule in the house to listen to the news only once in the morning and once in the evening. I try not to let it affect us so much.

Since the time when we are at home and we have so much time, I was going through Instagram profiles and found some new pages with upcoming poets who are writing beautiful poetry.  Their motivational coronavirus poetry will make you forget what is happening outside for a few moments.  I really wanted to share some of these poetry with you guys, so I am here today to boost you up and make you feel positive during this tough time of the year.

Also, I wanted to appreciate the artists like these who we have forgotten in this new era where everything is a big bang, loud, and too fast.  These are artists who are still churning out and writing the stuff which is really incredible. I am sure you’ll like these motivational coronavirus poetry.]]>
Priya Dogra 10:48
Episode 12: How to Cope with Coronavirus Stress and Fear Fri, 10 Apr 2020 08:16:34 +0000 Episode 12: How to Cope with Coronavirus Stress and Fear Episode 12: How to Cope with Coronavirus Stress and Fear
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Hi, this is Fitness Radio Episode 12, and you are back with Priya Dogra. So how you guys are handling the stress, the tension, the news, the rumors and the myths that all revolving around this crisis we are handling today. The Coronavirus stress is getting to me on certain days, and I am sure it is getting to you too. There are days when I am so fed up that don’t know how to get through the day. There are days when I wake up motivating myself that this will end soon. So we all are having those highs and lows. We all are trying to stay positive to get through this.

So when I was stressing alone, I thought why not share certain things that I am doing or trying to do to get over this stress. There are two ways of handling it. I could either let it pull me down and take the rest of the people in the house down with me, or I can do something about it be strong. Just because we can’t see the enemy this time, we are more scared but it doesn’t mean couldn’t do anything about it.

Here are a few things you could do to relive the Coronavirus stress.

* Donate to a good cause
* Call up your best friend and vent out your feelings
* Stop slouching, sit up straight
* Smile at the everyone about you, this is not the end of the world
* Say thank you and be thankful to God for the things you have
* Say small prayers for everything that God has given you
* Leave out food for dogs and birds outside
* Be there for everyone
* Don’t believe on every rumor that is coming out
* Mediate on a regular basis
* Write down your feelings on a piece of paper
* Follow guidelines that come from the authorities to stay safe

Priya Dogra 9:33
Episode 11: Things You Can Do During Covid-19 Lockdown Thu, 02 Apr 2020 07:50:31 +0000 Episode 11: Things You Can Do During Covid-19 Lockdown Episode 11: Things You Can Do During Covid-19 Lockdown Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Spotify | RSS | More

This is Fitness Radio, Episode 11 and you are listening to Priya Dogra. So the lockdown is started and we all know what to and what not to do. But do we know how to make the most of these next 21 days sitting at home? There are so many things you can do in these next 21 days to make your life interesting and maybe even memorable if you really do some efforts.

The Covid-19 Lockdown has given us an excellent opportunity to take a fresh look at our bucket list of all the things we wanted to do if we ever had the time for it.

Now that we are at home, lets put our time to good use. I have for you today a list of things that you spend your time doing. And remember we will get through this.

* Give a makeover to your house
* Call up people you have been always wanted to call back
* Start reading books that gathering dust in your bookcase
* Make a list of things you can do for self-care like manicure, pedicure, oiling and more
* Take the backup of your phone’s photos and videos in your free time
* Change the passwords of all your online accounts, keep them safe
* Remove old text messages, clean up your gadgets
* Relive the old good memories seeing old photographs
* Be good to people and animals around you
* Work on your body by taking yoga or cardio lessons

Also now since life is so complicated outside the door, why not simplify it inside the door. So make a list of things what we actually think are essential, and what are actually essential. We earlier used to think we need all those commodities, and we just can’t live without them, and now not it has suddenly hit us that they are not really essential. So probably we cut down the things we think are essential, life will become much simpler, we will feel much more at ease, and also the stress will start to go down. Be good to people around you, if you are letting go to your maids, ensure they have enough money to go home and survive for the next two to three months. Now is the time to prove that we are actually humans. So if you are going to do good for yourself, also do it for two others that need your help. And believe me, one day it will come back to you.

So guys, be safe, be at home and chill out.  Say a prayer for the less privileged, the birds, animals.]]>
Priya Dogra 7:07
Episode 10: 21 Days Corona Lockdown | How Mothers and Wives Deal With it Sat, 28 Mar 2020 14:46:25 +0000 Episode 10: 21 Days Corona Lockdown | How Mothers and Wives Deal With it Episode 10: 21 Days Corona Lockdown | How Mothers and Wives Deal With it
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Hi, this Fitness Radio Episode 10, and you are back with Priya Dogra. While the world deals with the lockdown for COVID 19, it is the mothers and the wives who have now taken on the responsibility, to keep the home front at peace and sane.

So today’s podcast goes out to all the mommies and housewives whose world turned upside down the day  PM Modi announced 21 days lockdown in the country, and I am one of them. So suddenly, we are handling so many things at one time, and we don’t know where to start with. We are the silent warriors in this age of cut-throat competition, which is at home now for a change.

So first let’s talk about the mothers who now have to handle so much more because we have to let go of household helps. We have to let go of family members who used to go out to get things for us from the market.  And we have to also deal with the daddies at the home now.  And sadly most of them are not very helpful although, they try to be but they just don’t know what to do, unless they are given clear instructions.

So our lives during the lockdown have become very hectic. I am not complaining but just giving you an insight of how things have changed. We have to manage the food and ensure that there is enough food. Ensure it is healthy food. And we also have to ensure that the supply lasts that the daddies don’t have to go get more supply. Also, there are many schools that have started the online classes now, so we have to handle the education of our children, especially more precisely with the small kids to make them understand that you have to sit down and listen to a video.

We also have to do the cleaning, shopping, winding up and also take care of the pets in the house.  In all this confusion, people are neglecting pets, stray dogs, birds, squirrels, and other creatures. They are still there, and they need us more than ever. So we need to be there for them. When you go out for a shopping, take some extra food with you, and leave it on the gate. It is possible just throw out some food for the stray dogs and cows. It is not their mistake that we are in this trouble. Leave water for birds and dogs outside. Please don’t forget them, they are our responsibility too.

You can divide the core works in the home to everybody in the family to keep them busy. The mother needs to be strong, and only when they are strong the whole family can get through this.

Everything is running properly at home because mothers have been managing so many things for all of the family members. What you can do in return as a child or as a husband? Not much, give them half an hour of peace; bring them a cup of tea, rub their shoulder and just talk to them nicely, that’s all they want. Help them wind up their work on time. Just because you are home don’t wake up at 11 and eat late, because it stresses them the most.  Wake up on time, sleep on time and ensure they have their me time. Ensure that they can rest for sometime because you have no idea what they have been going through.

So many of us are having a tough time because they are working on daily wages or their salaries have been delayed. Reach poor people whom you can help. Your little help will make a big difference in their lives.

Kudos to them, for ensuring that the children stay happy, the husbands can rest in peace and they get hot home-cooked meals on time.

Be thankful for your blessings and spare a thought for those who are no...]]>
Priya Dogra 6:32
Episode 9: Parenting During Coronavirus Lockdown Thu, 19 Mar 2020 13:26:02 +0000 Episode 9: Parenting During Coronavirus Lockdown Episode 9: Parenting During Coronavirus Lockdown
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Hi, this is Fitness Radio Episode 9 and you are back with Priya Dogra. Since the last time I spoke to you about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the world has suddenly become a very scary place. We as parents are getting really worried about what to do and what not to do with so much information about COVID-19 on the internet and on the newspapers.

It is good that for the safety children are being restricted to homes. But they are really getting bored indoors and it’s our responsibility to figure out how to keep them busy and help them not to feel stressed out because of the limit on socializing.

What we can do?

First of all, we all need to stay calm and as positive as we can. Second, we need to clean our houses thoroughly. Teach your kids to maintain a good hygiene level. Take all the precautions that are asked by the experts to combat this serious disease. Be responsible enough to talk with your kids about COVID-19 and its effects on the society and overall economy. Tell them how the virus is spreading so fast all over the world. Give them every update about the disease to make them understand the seriousness of the illness. Tell them that we can combat it if we are together.

Staying at home with kids is fun, and you have to discover that fun by making some tweaks in your routine. I try to finish my work as early as I can so that I can spend some fun time with my kids. You could also do the same because then you have enough time to play with them and communicate with them.  I don't even remember when the last time I played indoor games with my kids, but this is an opportunity to relive that old fun time again. Make a list of old classic movies which your children have not seen but you wanted them to see them, to tell how amazing your childhood was. Make sure they get a quick nap in the afternoon so that they could feel fresh.

Tell them how much as a parent you love them. Take them to their friends and relatives to recharge. Tell them that we are in this battle together, and this is not the end of the world we will get through this.

In this episode you’ll discover:

* How to keep your children safe.
* How to teach them how to maintain a good hygiene level
* Don't let them break their morning routine
* Don't let them use smartphones and gadgets for long hours
* Communicate with them as much as you can
* Discuss COVID-19 and its effect on society and on the overall economy
* Take them out to their friends and relatives
* Don't just lock them indoors
* Participate in indoor fun activities with them

Priya Dogra 1 7:08
Episode 8: Help Your Kids Cope With Exam Stress Sat, 14 Mar 2020 13:46:59 +0000 Episode 8: Help Your Kids Cope With Exam Stress Episode 8: Help Your Kids Cope With Exam Stress
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Hi, this is Priya Dogra, and you are tuning to Fitness Radio Episode 8. So, I am back again to talk with you about a thoughtful topic that we often ignore as responsible parents of our kids. It is the mental health of our kids today during exams. Exams stress can negatively affect your children’s mental and physical health. And this is very obvious due to the kind of competition they are dealing with today. The stress becomes more serve with the expectations of parents and teachers. And the peer pressure adds more to it.

It becomes more problematic when you belong to a small town and your children have no access to career counseling. Children don’t know till class 8th or 9th that what they want to do. The only source of information is relatives who are abroad and cousins who are in metro cities. The guidance part is lacking, and there is a huge gap between what children want to do, what they can do and what they will be able to do. So, we as parents and children both struggle at that part.

The other problem with today’s children is that they rely too much on peer pressure and their groups. They make assumptions, and make a decision on the bases of that. We as parents need to identify their strengths and weaknesses to guide them accordingly. Yes, of course, we are not experts but we can still try our best.

If you analyze today’s children, you will see they are very lost, they don’t know what to do. And even if they know; they don’t know the right way to reach there. Career counselors can help, but first, they really need your support and help to figure out themselves.

The other reasons that add to their depression are the strange complexes that we never had in our childhood like; I am very fat, I am very thin, I am very dark and I don’t look in a certain way. They constantly compare them to someone very perfect who doesn’t even exist in reality. These complexes play a vital role to tend them lose focus from their life goals. They think that if they don’t get through a good school or college then that it is the end of the world.

You have to keep telling them if the one door closes, there is another one which is going to open. Yes, they will be cranky sometimes, will not listen whatever you say, and give you reasoning on why everything is not right. But at that time you need to be patient.  You need to understand that they are dealing with a tough time.  Make sure they are eating healthy and not into any kind of bad habit.

Points to remember 

* Be extra patient with your children
* Keep probing with your kids
* Take them out often for one to one dinner
* Talk to them
* Take care of their diet
* Don’t let them eat too much of junk
* Don’t freak out on their mood tantrums
* Tell them you love them

Be there for your kids and help them get through this time and come out with flying colours.]]>
Priya Dogra 1 8:13
Episode 7: Happy Women’s Day 2020 To All The Iron Ladies Sun, 08 Mar 2020 05:30:21 +0000 Episode 7: Happy Women's Day 2020 To All The Iron Ladies Episode 7: Happy Women's Day 2020 To All The Iron Ladies
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Hi, This is Fitness Radio Episode 7, and you are back with Priya Dogra your Keto Fitness trainer. So today is Women’s day and I am very excited to celebrate it with all of you out there.  This episode is dedicated to all the women in all ages, all shapes, all sizes, colors, and casts in different locations to celebrate how amazing we are.

We all as women are born with a bagful of talent, love, and skills that nobody can tell us that we are less than a man in any aspect.   We are strong; handle so many tricky and stressful situations, and nobody taught us how to do this. Nobody told us that you will be thrown into a lion’s den, and you’ll be require figuring out how to come out on your own. But we still do it, and we do it every single day with a smile on our face and head high. We gear up ourselves every single day for a new challenge, and we don’t give up easily, and that’s what makes us a wonderful creature.

We actually don’t need women’s day to celebrate how amazing we are; because we all are born amazing. We all are wonderful sitters to support our brothers and sisters, and support everybody else in the family whenever it is required. We don’t do it out of expectation in return. We are wonderful mothers, who forgive our children when they are rude, selfish and forget about us. But we still love them blindly, endlessly, and we can do anything in this world to make them happy.  A small scratch on a baby’s skin can leave a mother restless a whole night. It is how amazing and kind creature we are.

We are wonderful wives who support our husbands in all kinds of situations, and put our careers, dreams, wishes behind to support our family. It’s just not about the family we don’t shortfall to support our society and country to grow.

I don’t think I need to take names of all those women who have done so much for the society and the world keeping their lives at cost. Women are not restricted to be housewives. They are doing so many amazing nowadays like they are joining the arm forces, becoming pilots and working on oil tankers.

You are an iron lady, so it is your chance to celebrate your lives. Celebrate the strength of your souls and the love in your hearts. We live the life of a juggler and play the part of the devil’s advocate and sometimes just play the role everybody expects us to play.

Here are the things you can do to celebrate you as a woman.

* Remind you are a strong creature
* Go out with your friends
* Read your favorite book
* Cook your favorite food
* Do what makes you happy
* Have manicure and pedicure appointment
* Go for a hair spa
* Do self-care
* Treat yourself special

Have an awesome day and let nobody tell you that you are not amazing!]]>
Priya Dogra 1 6:36
Episode 6: Let’s Talk to Keep Coronavirus Away Thu, 05 Mar 2020 12:22:57 +0000 Episode 6: Let's Talk to Keep Coronavirus Away Episode 6: Let's Talk to Keep Coronavirus Away
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Hi, this is Fitness Radio Episode 6, and you are back with Priya Dogra; your personal Keto fitness trainer. The dreaded Coronavirus is knocking at our doors and we just can't ignore it anymore. So I want to talk to you about it today, as it is staring at our faces now and we can’t do anything. At this time, we all need to act responsibly, and think of the better good of everybody, because this is not something where you can focus on yourself and pretend that I am Ok so everybody is Ok.  It is very serious global issue. If it affects one of us, then there is every possibility that two others or three others also will be affected by this. So we have to think of everybody and act responsibly while handling this situation. And this way will somehow support the government and the right agencies for controlling the virus. Be sure you do not make mistakes that will make it worse for the entire country and the world.

There are a few things that we could do to keep this condition at bay

* Do Quarantine
* Don’t go out of the home and meet other people
* If you have mild symptoms like cold, fever and cough then just stay at home and consult a doctor to get yourself checked
* Do not ignore serious symptoms like high fever and shortness of breath, get yourself checked asap
* Don’t become the doctor yourself
* Wash your hands frequently at least for 20 seconds
* Don’t go to public places
* Wash your hands before touching your hands
* Do not touch your mouth, eyes, and nose with your hands
* Wear a mask when you are exposed to more people around you
* Keep yourself clean
* Use a sanitizer
* Stay calm
* Don’t believe any news that comes on social media
* Listen to health professionals
* Focus on your health
* Dispose your masks and used tissues sensibly
* Take extra care of children and old aged people in your family

We need to stay calm, have a sensible approach and try to ward it off by being safe. Think of our fellow human beings and take a call to act responsibly, be well aware and do what is told to do.

Look at it as a golden opportunity to stay at home and spend quality time, with your family, kids, and pets.

Stay safe and healthy till then. We will all get through this difficult time together. Just support the government and follow the health guidelines of health professionals.]]>
Priya Dogra 1 9:20