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Episode 5: The Mantra to Fight Cravings

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Hi, This is Fitness Radio Episode 5, and you are listening to Priya Dogra.  So we are going to talk about your worst enemy today. The worst enemy of somebody who is trying to lose weight, somebody who is determined to do something about it, and this enemy will put you down every single day. We are talking about cravings for unhealthy foods, sugar, sugar-laden foods.

If you are a working woman, working whole day, come 4 or 5 o clock, and just want to have a piece of chocolate, those fries you made for your children or a bottle of coke; or you just want to have that Mithai that you bought for Diwali or other occasions.  So what do you do then? That’s the worst problem that anyone can face because you are there but these carvings will be there at every corner.

Here are the things you can do to beat these cravings.

Rise above your cravings, and focus on your target. You need to get past them, in order to be successful. Stay motivated by distracting yourself, and by making healthy choices. You can do this!

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