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Episode 4: Take Baby Steps to Achieve Big Goals

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Hi, this is Fitness Radio Episode 4, and you are back with Priya Dogra. Today we are going to talk about the things you can do to achieve goals that you made long before but still falling short to achieve them. Why are you still not getting any results? First of all, take a piece of paper and write down your resolution on it. Until you won’t write it down, it will be a passing thought that will come to you every end of the week.  Keep reminding yourself that you want to do it and you will do it.  Set reminders on your phone to help you not forget what you want to do.

Once you make up your mind you don’t have to tell you the whole world.  You don’t have to look for gratification that you are finally doing something about your weight. Because I have seen that in our society everyone is giving bucketful of unprofessional tips on losing weight.  If you avoid telling people you’ll not get these unprofessional tips on losing weight, you’ll not get criticism; you’ll not get any marks on how you doing and you’ll not feel being judged.

Once you’ll start losing weight and getting fit, people will notice.  It will be good for you because then you’ll be a healthier person, more active and probably your medical bills will also go down.  Take out an old pair of jeans, which used to be your favorite when you were in your ideal body shape.  Keep trying to fit in that every Sunday or Monday when nobody is around, and believe me it will motivate you more than the scale.

Don’t fix your goal to scale only. Don’t measure your weight every hour, after taking a bath or after every meal. The scale can drive you mad. Check your scale only on Sunday to Sunday or sometimes when you are having a cheat day to check the damages.

Listen to your body, once you start losing the water weight, you’ll feel lighter. Your body will show you the signs. Your clothes will become lose; you’ll feel that your old dresses are not tight on the tummy. Your body tells you every time when it is feeling good and when it is feeling bad.

Also, don’t go to the fancy malls to find “healthy Food”. It is the most misleading thing which is happening to people nowadays.  Don’t start looking for organic fruits, organic butter, sliming milk, sugar-free biscuits, and healthy snacks.  Instead, eat healthy home-cooked food. Cut down your portions and ensure you are washing your vegetables, daals or fruits. Eat on time. When you eat on time your body gets hungry on time and everything falls into place automatically. Stop that terrible habit of snacking. If you have three proper meals you’ll never need a snack, and if you really need to have a snack; look towards the drinks, includes no juices, no soda drinks, no smoothies, no shakes, have nimbu pani or chaach or green tea.

You can have a few almonds or walnuts. Don’t have peanuts, as you can’t stop eating them. If you think there is something that make you go overboard; stop buying that. Sleep on time and wake up on time. Drink water as much as you can.

Things to remember from this episode

Take a call and keep it a secret! Your hard work will speak for itself, you don’t have to prove anything to anybody.

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