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Episode 10: 21 Days Corona Lockdown | How Mothers and Wives Deal With it

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Hi, this Fitness Radio Episode 10, and you are back with Priya Dogra. While the world deals with the lockdown for COVID 19, it is the mothers and the wives who have now taken on the responsibility, to keep the home front at peace and sane.

So today’s podcast goes out to all the mommies and housewives whose world turned upside down the day  PM Modi announced 21 days lockdown in the country, and I am one of them. So suddenly, we are handling so many things at one time, and we don’t know where to start with. We are the silent warriors in this age of cut-throat competition, which is at home now for a change.

So first let’s talk about the mothers who now have to handle so much more because we have to let go of household helps. We have to let go of family members who used to go out to get things for us from the market.  And we have to also deal with the daddies at the home now.  And sadly most of them are not very helpful although, they try to be but they just don’t know what to do, unless they are given clear instructions.

So our lives during the lockdown have become very hectic. I am not complaining but just giving you an insight of how things have changed. We have to manage the food and ensure that there is enough food. Ensure it is healthy food. And we also have to ensure that the supply lasts that the daddies don’t have to go get more supply. Also, there are many schools that have started the online classes now, so we have to handle the education of our children, especially more precisely with the small kids to make them understand that you have to sit down and listen to a video.

We also have to do the cleaning, shopping, winding up and also take care of the pets in the house.  In all this confusion, people are neglecting pets, stray dogs, birds, squirrels, and other creatures. They are still there, and they need us more than ever. So we need to be there for them. When you go out for a shopping, take some extra food with you, and leave it on the gate. It is possible just throw out some food for the stray dogs and cows. It is not their mistake that we are in this trouble. Leave water for birds and dogs outside. Please don’t forget them, they are our responsibility too.

You can divide the core works in the home to everybody in the family to keep them busy. The mother needs to be strong, and only when they are strong the whole family can get through this.

Everything is running properly at home because mothers have been managing so many things for all of the family members. What you can do in return as a child or as a husband? Not much, give them half an hour of peace; bring them a cup of tea, rub their shoulder and just talk to them nicely, that’s all they want. Help them wind up their work on time. Just because you are home don’t wake up at 11 and eat late, because it stresses them the most.  Wake up on time, sleep on time and ensure they have their me time. Ensure that they can rest for sometime because you have no idea what they have been going through.

So many of us are having a tough time because they are working on daily wages or their salaries have been delayed. Reach poor people whom you can help. Your little help will make a big difference in their lives.

Kudos to them, for ensuring that the children stay happy, the husbands can rest in peace and they get hot home-cooked meals on time.

Be thankful for your blessings and spare a thought for those who are not this fortunate.

Stay home and be safe!

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