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Flax and Cranberry Mug Keto Muffin

Keto Flax and Cranberry Mug Muffin

Like me, I am sure many of you need no reason to have a mug muffin, a piece of cake, or any other sweet. After a long day at work, I surely look for something comforting to eat.

And if my day ends on a sweet note, it’s a day well spent. Being on Keto does not imply that you have to give up eating all the things you love. I have been a big foodie all my life and continue to be so, even after being on Keto.

I have for you today the recipe of Keto Flax and Cranberry Mug Muffin that is ready in five minutes and tastes super comforting. And since it is made with flax seeds it is super healthy, and full of nutrition.

In my last shopping trip, I got hold of dried unsweetened cranberries and blueberries. I have used the cranberries in this recipe. But you can make it without them too.

I am very sure that this dessert will become your all-time favorite.

Priya’s Keto Flax and Cranberry Mug Muffin

How to make Keto Flax & Cranberry Mug Muffin?

1. I have used 24 Mantra Organic Flax Seeds for this recipe, and grinder them fresh. You can use any flax seed powder of your choice.

24 Mantra Organic Flax Seeds, 200g

Flax seed powder

2. In your favorite mug, add the melted ghee.

Add the ghee to the mug

3. Next, add the flax seeds powder.

Add the flax seeds powder to the mug

4. Add the baking powder and sweetener of your choice and mix well.

Add Baking powder to the mug

5. Beat an egg and add to the mug. Mix some more.

Add a beaten egg

6. Add the cinnamon powder and mix well, till you get a fine batter.

7. Drop the cranberries on top of the batter. Do not mix.

Drop the cranberries

8. Place the mug in the micro, and cook on high for 1 minute only.

9. If you are using frozen berries, then micro for 1 min and 30 seconds.

10. Spread some butter on top, and have it hot.

Priya’s Keto Flax and Cranberry Mug Muffin

Tip: Next time when I make this muffin, I am going to make it with butter instead of ghee and I will probably add some cream and cocoa to it. But I totally loved this simple and delicious version too — Priya Dogra.

This is my version with cocoa and cream:

Priya’s Keto Flax and Cranberry Mug Muffin

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