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Priya’s Keto Bheja Fry – Goat Brain Fritters

keto bheja fry

प्रिया की कीटो भेजा फ्राई - बकरी के भेजे के पकौड़े

The thought of tasting goat brain never appealed to me when I was young. But once I got married I tasted it in my husbands home, and totally loved it. The sight of brain might not be appealing to some, but you might change your mind when I tell you that it has no carbs, and is very high on proteins and fats. In other words it is a very Keto friendly ingredient. So today I have for you is Keto Bheja Fry.

Priya’s Keto Bheja Fry – Goat Brain Fritters

Those of you who have never tasted brain before, I can tell you that it tastes like soft paneer or ricotta cheese. It is very soft, and the texture is very soft and smooth. The recipe today is easy to make, the fitters are spicy and very satisfying. I have made a whole batch of them and kept them in the freezer. They are great for a quick snack. Try them, and let me know if you liked them.

Tip: The important thing to remember when cooking brain, is to ensure that it is cooked in the proper manner for the right amount of time.

Keto Bheja Fry Making Procedure

1. Wash the goat brain.

Wash the brain

2. Boil water in a pan and add some salt and turmeric to it.

Boil water with turmeric and salt

3. Once the water starts boiling drop the brain in it, and cook on medium heat for atleast fifteen minutes.

Boil the brain for atleast 15minutes

4. Now take out the brain, drain the water and let it cool down.

Poached Goat brain

5. The brain will look like soft cottage cheese or paneer now. Chop it up roughly, or just break it down.

Chop the brain roughly

6. Chop all the fresh ingredients and keep them ready.

Chop the fresh ingredients

7. Mix all the chopped ingredients, salt and any masalas or spices you want. I added salt pepper and red chilly powder. Mix well and let it rest for two to three hours.

Mix the ingredients and marinate for two hours

8. Beat the egg whites, add some salt and pepper. Spread the sesame seeds on a flat plate.

Best the egg white, add salt and pepper
Keep the sesame seeds in a flat plate

9. Divide the brain into small portions. And give them any shape you want.

10. Place a flat pan on the stove and heat the ghee on it.

11. Dip one portion of the brain in the egg white, then roll it in the sesame seeds, and start placing them on the hot pan.

Fry on medium heat

12. Flip them after a minute or so and take them off the pan once they turn golden. You can divide the total number of fritters into three portions and freeze them accordingly.

Priya’s Keto Bheja Fry – Goat Brain Fritters
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