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Meenakshi and Life Coach Priya Dogra

Life Coach Priya Dogra

Life Coach Priya Dogra

My name is Meenakshi from Zirakhpur. Throughout my childhood, I was a healthy kid, and my parents never made me feel insecure about my weight. At that time, I didn’t realize the significance of being in good shape. As a stubborn child, I would frequently ask for pizzas, French fries, ice creams, chocolates, candies, and soft drinks every other day. Unhealthy eating became the norm for me during weekends. By the age of 16, I had become obese. My self-confidence shattered when my classmates started calling me “fatso.” Throughout my school years, that name became popular, while my female friends always maintained their fitness and enviable figures. I constantly compared myself to them, longing to be slim and trim like them someday.

During my college years, I remained overweight, weighing 95 kgs, and no outfit looked flattering on me. Even during the college fresher party, I felt that I was the least attractive girl in my group, constantly subjected to hurtful remarks like “fatty” and “teddy bear.” I desperately wanted to prove them wrong and undergo a transformation so that I could confidently wear those stylish dresses my female friends flaunted on their perfect bodies. However, my anxiety-driven eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle kept me trapped in this distressing situation for years.

At the age of 22, when my mother discovered the toll my weight was taking on my mental health, she reached out to a Life Coach and Nutritionist – Priya Dogra. My mother explained my situation to her, and Priya subsequently contacted me. Through counseling, Priya ignited a glimmer of hope within me, assuring me that I would see the transformation one day.

I encountered numerous obstacles and faced many hardships throughout my journey, but under her expert guidance, I triumphed over the shattered remnants of my self-esteem and embarked on a transformative path of healing and self-discovery. It was no easy feat to go from weighing 100 kgs to 51 kgs within a year, but her unbendable support and guidance kept me steadfast, focused, and motivated.

Presently, I am able to feel confident in wearing whatever attire I want, and my peers have begun showering me with compliments. It is a novel experience for me to receive compliments about my appearance, and today when I am 23, I am participating in a beauty pageant representing my state, Punjab. My life has undergone a profound transformation, and my self-confidence has soared to new heights, with all due credit attributed to her.


Benefits of her life coaching Program

Each day, Priya tirelessly worked alongside me to rebuild my self-confidence and bring out the self-love that had been overshadowed by the criticisms of my peers. I owe my progress to Priya’s unwavering backing and unwavering commitment to her clients.

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