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Keto Vegetarian Cookies | Step by Step Picture Recipe

If you miss cookies and biscuits on Keto then read on. I have for you today a recipe that will bring back the crunch in your life. The crunchy Keto Vegetarian Cookies today is easy to make, and once you try it, I bet you will be trying it again and again. And that’s not all, this recipe is going to be a hit with vegetarians, as it has no egg in it.

Please take my word and go ahead and try these Crunchy Keto Vegetarian Cookies, today!

Before I come to the actual recipe, I also wanted to share another product with you. I have been using Pintola Peanut Butter for some time now and I must say that it is an excellent product. It is simply roasted peanuts, with no oil added and practically no sugar. I have tried almost every peanut butter on the market, and this seems like a good addition to the diet.

Pintola Peanut Butter

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Pintola Peanut Butter

Coming to the actual recipe, it is very simple and in all probability you will have all the ingredients at home. A lot of you ask me about almond flour, and where do I get it from. Well I live in a small town, where most fancy ingredients are difficult to get. So when I need almond flour I simply grind some almonds.

The cookies are very crunchy and you can store them for long in an airtight container. So next time when you are out and about with friends, you don’t need to feel bad that you don’t have a cookie with your coffee. These cookies will surely leave you wanting more. You can also add flax seeds to them, or cocoa as a modification. A few walnuts will be a great addition too.

Keto Vegetarian Cookies Making Procedure

1. Measure the chia seeds and soak them in water. In about ten mins they should be nice and swollen.

Soak the Chia seeds

2. Next measure the almonds and grind them into a fine powder.

Measure the Almonds
Grounded Almonds

3. In a mixing bowl put the grounded almonds.

4. The whey protein can be added to the almonds now and mixed well. Also add the pinch of salt.

Add the whey protein

5. Now add the baking powder and mix some more.

Add the baking powder

6. The chia seeds now need to be mixed thoroughly. Till a uniform batter is formed. Add some water for a consistent batter that resembles a cookie dough. Start with little water and add as required. The batter doesn’t need to be runny.

Add the chia seeds, water and mix well.

7. Add the stevia powder and mix more. Also melt the butter and add to the batter. Keep mixing gently.

Melt the Amul butter

8. Now melt the peanut butter and add to the batter.

Add the melted peanut butter

9. Mix well and keep the batter in the fridge for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Then divide it into 6 portions and start portioning them on a baking tray. You can make them thin or thick according to your preference. I kept them pretty thin.

Spread the cookie batter

10. Bake the cookies for 20 minutes in an oven at 200 degrees Celsius. They were perfectly golden in twenty minutes.

Bake for 20 minutes

11. Let them cool completely before you store them in an airtight container.

Priya’s Keto Vegetarian Cookies

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