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Happy Birthday to a New and Amazing me! | Keto Transformation Story

Keto For India Transformation of Priya Dogra

This is the story of a fat woman, who had lost all hope of ever becoming thin and pretty again. I have completed almost a year on Keto today. This is my Keto transformation story.

15th December, 2014
6th December, 2015

This was me a year back looking like a stuffed hen. My daughters were so embarrassed of me, and my other loved ones feared that I was on the verge of catching some horrible disease related to obesity very soon.

October, 2014
October, 2015

I had tried losing weight many times by trying many short cut methods.  There were phases in my when I only ate boiled food, there were times when I fasted for three days a week, and other times when I resorted to slimming pills. But nothing seemed to work.

November, 2014

My wardrobe consisted of loose-fitting clothes. I started shopping in the unisex department. My size became 3xxl. I had only one passion in life, to eat. Food became my best friend. I ate when I was hungry, I ate when I was sad, I ate in bed, in the bus, in the park, in the mall, everywhere. Ask me the taste of any popular biscuit or chocolate in the market, and I am sure that I must have tasted it.

August 2014

The trigger incident happened a year ago when my brother got me a delicate necklace for my Birthday, which did not fit into my neck. I was wearing a dress which made me look like a tent, and I couldn’t wait to gobble up the cake which was ordered for my birthday. I was terribly embarrassed and the pictures made it worse.

January 2015

Then one day it dawned on me, like a divine intervention that what the hell was I doing with my life. Everybody around me was pointing to the obvious and I was refusing to accept it. My girls were getting embarrassed, and I was trying to see the world with my rose-tinted glasses. I couldn’t walk for long, I couldn’t stand for long, and I was tired all the time.

February 2015

My Keto Transformation Story or Keto journey started on 1st January, 2015, I was 100 kgs then. In the first month, I just concentrated on no carbs and no sugar. I stopped all chocolates and junk food. In a matter of two weeks I lost almost four kgs and was delighted.

March 2015

By the end of two months, I heard the word macros and saw that people were talking about Keto on various social platforms. Then came the confusion, some groups propagated keeping the proteins high, others said keep the fat high. Some said eat when hungry, others said calculate your calories and then eat.

June, 2015

By the fourth month, I was fully adapted and rocking and rolling. Keto had become a way of life for me. I loved the way my body felt. The clothes were getting loose and I loved it.

June 2014
September, 2015

My purpose of sharing my Keto Transformation Story is to inspire other common men and women like me to take charge of their lives and do something about it. If a lazy woman, mother of two, could do it so can you. When I reflect upon this year I can easily say that his has been the best year for me. I look good, I feel terrific and I am ready to take on whatever comes my way.

November 2015

I feel supercharged all the time, and that is the best thing about this diet. I can work till four in the morning and wake up fresh as a pansy at 6am. The words tired, not upto it and weak do not exist in my dictionary. For somebody who used to hate walking, I am now game to walk, trek, climb, jump. You name it !


December, 2015

I have made many friends in this journey, some have stood by me from day one, others have taught me many things and moved on. Every day is a new day and every minute I feel inspired to make my life worthwhile. As I turn 39 today, I want to share my happiness with all of you. Keto has changed my life for good. From a size 3XL, I am today size L. From 100kgs I am today 65kgs and going…

If even a few of you get inspired after reading my story, that would be the best birthday gift for me. Come make a promise to yourself, to get fit, healthy! And this is me today..

15th December, 2015


15th December, 2015

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