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From Flab to Fab: How I Shed 22 Kg in Just Over 5 Months?

Keto dietitian Priya Aurora

I am Priya Dogra, and it is my Keto story of losing 22 kg in just 5 months. I had hidden a white dress in my wardrobe for two years. Today, I finally decided to give that another try, it fit me like a glove. Keto has changed my life in so many ways. My body, my spirit, and my soul have undergone a transformation.

I was a ‘fat’ person all my life. I used to shy away from stores that sold fancy clothes, as I assumed that they would not have my size. Furthermore, I always tried to stand behind people in-group pictures, so that my flab would not show.

From wearing slightly fitted clothes, I shifted to wearing loose-fitting clothes. And I gave myself the theory that comfort should be of prime importance.

I don’t even remember the last time when I wore high heels, as my feet just could not support all that weight. My face was so puffy that no hairstyle could make it look better, and my hair quality became so bad that I had one mind of going bald.

Then one fine day I decided to switch to a Keto lifestyle and to be honest had very little awareness of what I was getting into. But I took one day at a time, and today after five months and fifteen days, I have much better control over it. Every day has been a learning experience.

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That brings me to a very valid point. Why do so many of us fail on the Keto diet? Is it really that tough? Or are we doing some basics wrong? I have listed below some reasons why so many of us fail to get the best results from a Ketogenic Lifestyle. Just remember, Keto is not a magic pill, it is a way of life.

Why do we fail at Keto?

Don’t fret too much about the diet

The most common mistake that beginners make, is to be strict on themselves when it comes to the breakdown of food. Yes, it is important to stick to the numbers in the macros. But when you are starting out, give yourself the margin of +/-5-10 of each nutrient, besides the carbs. Just aim at keeping carbs below 30g for the first month or so.

Don’t go crazy looking for the perfect Keto foods

Instead of looking for the perfect combination of food, just stick to the macros. And it’s ok to have dal makhani or some days or a piece of fruit on others. Till the time you meet your macros, you will lose fat. In the starting stage, your primary concern should be to get a hang of it.

Don’t cheat too often

It has been observed that most people keep a day in the week to promote carbs. I don’t recommend that at all. I prefer a carb day after two months or more. Well, that’s because I like to treat myself for being so good and to maintain my muscles and leptin levels.

Stop negotiating for eating food

Isn’t it obvious that if you have to check a thread or post in a group, for the harmful or anti-Keto effects of a food, it is not meant to be eaten in the first place? And if you still carve for rice and paranthas, then sadly you need to recheck your commitment to getting fit.

Excess hours in the gym = excess fat loss

Yes, workouts are necessary! And if somebody like me who never moved a muscle is saying it, then you need to take it seriously. But if you think by spending four hours in the gym, you will only lose fat. Then you are only forcing your body to burn muscle for energy. And we all know that if you are on Keto, any excess exertion will trigger that.

Stop going crazy over the reading in the scales

Let’s admit that the majority of people who switch to Keto, are joining it to lose weight. But, we also know that weight is not the only indication of overall health. I can tell you from my experience, that if you stick to the diet, you will meet your target and feel great about yourself. Wooshes are great!! But it is more important to stay committed.

Identify the signs from your body

When your transition into Keto is complete, you will feel full and satisfied at all times. So, don’t go ahead and spoil this bliss by overheating your macros. If you are full, retire for the day and glow in the excess weight loss.

Don’t be a confused Ketoite

If you claim to be on Keto and are hungry at all times, then obviously you are not doing something right. You need to up your water intake, have an ample amount of green veggies. They make you feel full. Lastly, you might have kept a large calorie deficit, which is only making you hungry.

Be the tortoise in the race

Keto shows awesome results for people, who are trying to lose weight. But if you are joining it with the motive of losing tons of weight per week, then please stop there. A weekly target of 1.5 to 2.5 pounds (1.13 kg), is achievable and is an achievable number too.

My only purpose of sharing my story is to convince other ordinary human beings, like me, to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and give it one last try.

You might have given up hope about every getting fit or getting in shape again, believe me, I was there. But if I can do it, believe me when I say that anybody can do it. If you are still thinking and contemplating, I urge you to take the plunge and give yourself a complete makeover.

Do it for yourself !!

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