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Priya’s Keto Remedies for Hair Fall

Hair fall in Keto

Are you cringing at the amount of hair that your hairbrush is gobbling up every morning? When I switched to Keto, I suddenly noticed a tremendous increase in the amount of hair that I was losing. I am sure some of you went through the same stage, I feel for you! We might have been down that road, and we are also aware that fancy hair treatments come with a big price tag. However, there is no need to despair, as nature has the solutions for you. I am sharing with you today, some sure shot home remedies for hair loss. Tackle all your hair fall woes with these easy Keto Remedies for Hair fall, which can be tried in the comfort of your home.

1. Did you know that garlic is rich in Sulphur?


Garlic is very helpful for boosting hair growth and for increasing the production of collagen, which you all know is a protein. This combination really aids in the growth of hair and also controls hair fall.

Step 1: Crush a few garlic pods and throw them in a bowl.

Step 2: Add 3 tablespoons of coconut oil to the bowl.

Step 3: Now warm this mixture in a pan for a few minutes.

Step 4: Massage your scalp and let the oil sit for 30 minutes.

Step5: Wash your hair with lukewarm or water at room temperature if possible.

2. Gooseberries are great for hair

Amla / Gooseberry

Gooseberries are eaten as a popular snack in India. These berries are very high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. They come very handy when you want to repair your hair.

Step1: Squeeze the gooseberries and pour the juice in a bowl.

Step2: Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the bowl and stir well.

Step3: Apply this solution to the scalp and let it be for half an hour.

Step4: Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

3. All Ketoites know that eggs are rich in protein


Egg is one of the proven Keto Remedies for Hair fall.  It can help tremendously in improving the texture of the hair and also help in controlling hair fall.

Step1: Break an egg and pour the white in a glass bowl.

Step2: Add a teaspoon of olive oil and stir well.

Step3: Leave it in for at least 20 minutes.

Step4: Rinse off the egg with lukewarm water and then shampoo.

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4. Coconut milk can make you look like a Goddess

Coconut Milk

We all are aware that coconuts can be very beneficial, be it the juice, the flesh, or oil. They essentially contain proteins, fats, minerals, and fats. People in South-East Asia have been using coconuts to ward off hair loss and for a glossy texture for centuries.

Step1: Get half a fresh coconut and grate it.

Step2: Squeeze its milk out and add 2 tablespoons of water to it.

Step3: Apply it to the area that needs the most attention

Step4: Put on a shower cap and leave it on for the night.

Step5: Wash it off with warm water in the morning.

5. Onions are great for weak hair


Onions are high in Sulphur and are believed to be very beneficial for improving blood circulation and for repairing hair follicles. The juice of onion can destroy all germs from your scalp. When the juice of an onion is combined with olive oil and aloe vera it becomes a miracle cure for weak hair.

Step1: Grate an onion and squeeze its juice in a bowl.

Step2: To the bowl add 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and a teaspoon of olive oil.

Step3: Apply it to your scalp and let it dry in half an hour.

Step4: Rinse it off with cold water and later use a mild shampoo.

6. Beetroots are excellent for increasing blood circulation

Beetroot / Henna

You will be surprised to know that beetroot can work like magic for your hair. These beautiful roots contain proteins, Vitamins B and C, calcium and carbohydrates. Your hair will get strong and your hair follicles will tighten too.

Step1: Chop the beetroot into fine pieces and blend it in a mixture.

Step2: If possible get a few fresh leaves of henna and drop them in the blender too or resort to a teaspoon of dried henna powder.

Step3: Churn till it becomes a thick and fine paste.

Step4: Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

I must tell you that I have tried most of these remedies. And they have really been helpful. In our quest to become fit and healthy, let’s take out some time for pampering. After all only a Ketoite would know how tough it is to rage a war against the Sugar Monster and Carbohydrate Witch.

Go ahead look beautiful…

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