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Keto Protein Desserts | Sweet Little Tubs of Pleasure

I hope you are all good, , today I have brought you the recipe of Keto Protein Desserts Many of us who are on the Ketogenic Lifestyle, are using whey protein powders regularly. But I have to admit that no matter what you do they taste bland and tasteless. So when I got extremely bored of gulping down a glass of goodness, I decided to do something about it. Hence, came the idea of Keto Protein Desserts that can be carried to work, a movie or even on an outing. All you need to do is carry a spoon, open the lid, and dig out spoonfuls of pleasure.

Keto Protien Dessert Recipes
Keto Protein Tubs

I tried three versions of it. And I admit I wanted to add strawberries to the third one, but they completely vanished from my small town when I wanted them the most.  So you can always change the topping according to your choice. In the base, I have used home-made full fat hung curd, but you can always use a full-fat Greek Yogurt.

Check out these Keto protein desserts or tubs of joy and I am confident that you will be making them soon.

Keto Protein Desserts – Tub 1



  1. In a wide mouth glass jar measure and add the hung curd.
Measure the hung curd

2. Add a scoop of whey, I have used double chocolate-flavored whey.

Add whey to the curd

3. The chia seeds and the coconut milk can be added now. Mix well.

Add the chia seeds

4. Mix well till a smooth texture is formed.

Mix well

5. Garnish with choco chips, chill for three to four hours and then enjoy.

Keto Protein Tub 1

Nutrition break up for Tub 1

If you skip the chips, the carbs will come down further, but no harm in a little indulgence once in a while.

Keto Protein Desserts – Tub 2



  1. In your favorite jar measure the hung curd or Greek yogurt.
Measure the hung curd

2. The whey can be added now.

Add the whey

3. Now mix it well and add sweetener if you want it really sweet. If you think it is thick some coconut milk can be added.

Mix the whey and hung curd

4. Garnish with Chia seeds, Almonds and Pumpkin seeds. Chill for a few hours or make it a night before like I did and carry it to work the next day.

Keto Protein Tub 2

Nutrition break up for Tub 2

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Keto Protein Desserts – Tub 3



1. So this is the tub in which I had planned to use strawberries as a garnish, but they vanished. So like before measure the hung curd or Greek Yogurt.

Measure the hung curd

2. Add the whey to the hung curd. Any flavour of whey can be used.

Add the whey to the hung curd

3. Use a spoon to mix it well.

Mix the whey and hung curd well

4. Now carefully pour the Hershey’s Syrup on the mixture and tap the bowl once to let it settle down.

Add the chocolate syrup

5. Slice the almonds in the middle and garnish the protein tub. Chill for a few hours and enjoy with your favourite movie.

Keto Protein Tub 3

Nutrition break up for Tub 3

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