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Fish in Tomato Gravy Keto Recipe

Keto Fish in Tomato Gravy

Winter is finally here, and along with it comes the irresistible urge for comforting soups, aromatic curries, and flavorsome dishes. Today, I have a delightful recipe to satisfy your cravings – Keto compatible Fish in Tomato Gravy! What makes this dish even more appealing is that it’s simple to prepare and doesn’t include onions, turmeric, or ginger.

Traditionally, this fish curry is enjoyed with rice, but I encourage you to try it with toasted Keto Bread for a divine experience. I’ve used Malli fish in this recipe, as it’s easily available in my area. However, feel free to substitute it with your preferred fish and adjust the macros accordingly. In some regions, this fish is also known as Calbasu or Black Rohu.

Malli/Rohu Fish

One of the remarkable qualities of this fish is its thick layer of fat beneath the skin, which adds a delightful richness to the dish. So let’s dive into the recipe and create a lip-smacking Keto Fish in Tomato Gravy that will warm your soul and satisfy your taste buds.

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Calories 438
Net Carbs 6 grams
Proteins 33 grams
Fat 30 grams


For the marinade:

For the gravy:

20 Minutes
30 Minutes
Servings 6

Keto Fish in Tomato Gravy Making Procedure

1. Wash the fish well and cut into small pieces.

Wash and cut the fish

2. Apply some salt, keep it aside for five to seven minutes and wash well to remove any smell.

3. Add all the ingredients of the marinade to the fish, mix well with your hands, and keep aside for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Add the dry ingredients to the fish
Apply the marinade thoroughly

4. In a wok, heat the oil and fry the fish lightly in small batches. Do not make it crisp and keep it aside.

Fry the fish lightly

5. In the same oil add the garlic paste and fry till golden brown.

Heat Olive oil in a wok
Fry the garlic paste in the oil

6. Add the tomato purée and the rest of the ingredients of the gravy and lower the heat.

Add the tomato purée to the oil

7. Allow this gravy to cook till the oil separates and comes to the side.

8. Now add about two cups of water and bring the gravy to a boil.

Cook the gravy on medium heat

9. Slide the fish pieces in this gravy, and allow them to cook on medium heat for five to seven minutes.

10. Switch off the heat and serve hot, garnished with chopped fresh coriander and green chilies.

Priya’s Keto Fish in Tomato Gravy


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