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Priya’s Keto Choco Bar Ice Cream

Keto Choco Bar Ice Cream

My small city is exceptionally hot this summer. And hot weather makes me crave for ice cream. Nothing beats a bar of Keto Choco Bar Ice Cream.

Priya’s Keto Choco Bar Ice Cream

This is the first time I am using coconut cream, and I admit that I totally loved the texture and the flavor. The ice cream is smooth, creamy and delicious. And like my other recipes it is easy to make, and absolutely heavenly. Make this today, and pamper yourself to a stick of peanut butter ice cream, coated with a layer of crisp dark chocolate.

Many people still ask me, that how do I continue to stay away from normal Indian food. Will I follow this lifestyle forever and don’t I miss the roti, dals and rice. I just have one answer, to all these questions. – On Keto I eat yummy food, from meats, veggies, pickles, desserts, smoothies and now ice creams, I have it all. I do not miss the usual carb laden food at all.

In fact you will be surprised to know, that mangoes are a huge part of Indian summers. And there is a huge bowl on my dining table, perpetually throughout the summer, and I did not even feel like having a bite. I am in a good spot now, over the temptations of having just one bite or a last spoon. I have been there and done it all, and moved on.

When you attempt Keto Choco Bar Ice Cream recipe, go that extra mile and do coat it with chocolate, as the crisp exteriors really lifts it to another level.

Keto Choco Bar Ice Cream Making Procedure

1. Place the cream cheese on the kitchen counter for some time. When it comes to room temperature add it to the blender.

Add the cream cheese to the blender

2. Add the coconut cream to the blender and the sweetener.

Add the coconut cream
Real Thai Coconut Cream

3. Measure the peanut butter and melt it in the microwave for a minute. Add it to the blender too.

Add the peanut butter to the blender

4. Blend it nicely for a few minutes, until a creamy consistency is reached.

Blend for a few minutes

5. Fill the mounds with the mixture and freeze overnight or for at least four to five hours.

Fill the moulds
Freeze for four to five hours

6. Next day de-mould the ice cream. And put in a plate.

Priya’s Keto Choco Bar Ice Cream
Priya’s Keto Peanut Butter Ice Cream

7. In a pan heat some coconut oil on low heat. Add some cocoa and sweetener to the pan and stir on low heat. switch off the heat and wait for a minute.

8. Now hold the bar over the pan and pour the hot cocoa on it. You will have to do this fast or the bar will melt.

9. Keep the bar upright in a bowl and put it back in the deep freezer for ten minutes.

10. After about fifteen minutes take it out and coat it once again with the cocoa and coconut oil. Put it back in the deep freezer for another ten minutes.

11. Your peanut butter choco bar is ready. Enjoy !

Keto Choco Bar
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