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I am a Keto addict, this is my keto success story..

Keto success story

It’s been precisely five months and 19 days since I switched to a Ketogenic lifestyle or a Keto diet as we popularly call it. And this is my keto success story..


In my 38 years on this planet, I have gone on all kinds of diets and all kinds of exercise regimes. But they have all failed miserably. My weakness is sugar, and unlike other people, I had all sweet teeth. I used to live to eat chocolates, sweets, chocolate chip cookies, black forest cakes, chocolates, puddings, and mithai ( sweetmeat ), etc. Every diet broke due to these sinful treats or due to some other reason that I convinced myself of. I once ate a full bag of chocolates, after convincing myself that let me put on as much as I can before I start shedding the fat. I have two young daughters who have been urging me for the last two years to get fit and look pretty again. But that depressing period is behind me now. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that I would come so far… The stirring inside started when, I was gifted a Swarovski pendant and chain set on my birthday in December 2014, the horseshoe pendant kept twisting up, due to the triple chins in my neck. One of the most embarrassing moments of my lifetime! Most of us have so many of those incidents that we would gladly erase given a chance. Jeans that don’t close, suits that look like body armor and tops that distinctly display a huge tummy. Any number of shawls, stoles, scarves, and jackets fail to hide the blubber. I don’t have many fat friends and unconsciously I would always compare myself to people my age. I could have started this blog from the day I switched lines, but I wanted to be really sure of myself and my story. When you have lived in size 3XXL for a decade or so, one needs to be really sure before preaching a repair theory to others like him or her. When the date changed from 2014 to 2015, I had a revelation of sorts. It dawned on me like a message from above, that if I don’t do anything about my body soon, I am doomed for sure. I have a close confidant and spiritual guide who had been convincing me to go on a Ketogenic diet for quite some time now. I decided to take him up on it. For those of you who are alien to this concept, like I was, let me start by explaining it in very simple words. A Keto diet is devoid of all kinds of sugar and carbohydrates in any form. It’s a low carb and high-fat diet (#LCHF). But don’t just go away yet. If I could do it, anybody can. So come on this journey of getting fit with me. We will take little baby steps and boost our will power to do it. I was a fat person, who lost 23 kegs in  5 months. This is my keto success story…

Disclaimer: I am not a dietician or a doctor. If you have any ailments or are suffering from any disease, please, consult your doctor before starting the diet.

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