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Hitting a Keto Weight Plateau

After switching to a Keto lifestyle on the 1st of January, 2015, I have monitored my weight very closely. Every time I weighed myself and saw the figures dropping, it inspired me to do more. But there are days when you weigh yourself hoping to see a drastic fall, only to be shocked to find out that the figure has not moved at all. This phenomenon is called hitting a ‘Keto Weight Plateau’ and there is no need to worry about it.

I generally weigh myself twice a month, the first time I had hit a plateau was after completing one and a half months of being on the diet. I was shocked and petrified to see the same figure and for a moment I thought that all my hard work had gone into vain. I have hit a plateau again today, so I am assuming that my plateaus are hitting after every two months approximately. But I am well prepared for it this time.

Let me share with you, the reasons for hitting a Keto Weight Plateau –

Coming back to my story, I am not worried about hitting the plateau, as I believe that if stick to what I am doing, soon I will be back on the road to shedding weight. These are just small hiccups in a wonderful journey of self-discovery and a new healthier me. I am actually surprised at myself that after more than 4 months of no sugar and carbs, I am more than determined to reach my target weight goal. So many of you who have switched to a Ketogenic lifestyle, must be feeling nostalgic and sad when you recall your old life. I do too, every time I look at old pictures, huge baggy clothes and monstrous inner-wear. What was I thinking?

I think what hooked me to Keto was the immediate results that could be felt in the first week itself. Can you name any other diet which makes you lose up to 6 kgs of fat, without going to the gym or moving a muscle. Once I felt the jeans loosening and the puffiness from the face vanishing, there was no looking back. And despite my initial fears of how would it be possible to switch to the diet completely, since I live in India, it has not been so tough. After a few hits and misses, I have devised a food pattern that keeps me nourished and on Keto. Let’s be honest most of the ingredients mentioned on the websites for Keto are either not available in India or are majorly expensive.

But don’t worry I am here to guide you to become a Keto addict without changing a thing in your life, and without any added expenses on your pocket. Like I said earlier just stick to the diet no matter what, and feel the layers of fat peel away from your body. You will be surprised at the revelation and feel like a new person altogether. People who mock diets saying that they germinate from a need to look pretty and acceptable in the society, need to try Keto atleast once in their lifetime. The energy that I feel in my body and in my head, the spring in my step and the glow on my face, are proof enough that I am on the road to a healthier me. After being on the diet for exactly four months and fifteen days, I am ready to share my before and after picture with you today.

And now my after 4 months of Keto picture.


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